Bored of Playing Board Games? Top Online Casino Games to Play in India

As a precautionary measure against the outbreak, many of us have been forced to remain indoors. Leaving us wondering, “What to do for the whole day?”. This is especially applicable to individuals who are not working from home.

In this case, we have the perfect post for you. Now, you can not only online casino games for enjoyment, but also earn money from the activity.

The growth in online casino betting has introduced classic many games but with a twist. The core ideas behind the games remain the same, barring a few distinct changes that are both thrilling and addictive. Sucking you into a vortex of entertainment, we bring you three addictive online casino games that will keep you hooked to the screen.

  • Andar Bahar Game

Traditionally named Katti, the game of Andar Bahar is based on 50/50 probability. Each player adds a card to a pile of cards from a single deck until the whole collection gets topped with a larger value card than what the pile started with. Whosoever deals the highest value card grabs the entire pile.

Many websites have their version of the Andar Bahar game, some offer live interactive animation, enjoyable background music and some focus on appealing UX/UI to enhance your game experience. Each Andar Bahar game allows you to choose from six betting areas and five side bets, namely suits, colour, values, cards and above-below.

  • 777 Deluxe Game

The age-old fruit machine slot game, once found at gas stations in the ’80s, has come a long way. The classic slot game has undergone several iterations to become what we today know as the 777 card games. Online betting sites took 777 card games a step further and introduced 777 Deluxe to their platform with new, exciting additions.

The 777 Deluxe game has the following rules :

  • The slot machine has the usual 3×5 grid with ten pay lines.
  • The primary goal is to land matching icons on the pay lines. The matching symbols can land in three ways – left to right, right to the left and within the three middle reels.
  • Mysterious Question Mark icons can take the form of any other symbol. If three of them land on the reels in a single spin, a bonus round is triggered. The bonus round takes you to a unique set of reels for multiplying your winnings and a chance at a progressive jackpot.
  • Spin the Wheel

The game was inspired by the classic game of roulette revolves around a spinning wheel marked with numbers. The numbers are segregated by divisions, classifying them into unique colourful segments known as betting areas. At the top of this wheel is a golden marker that denotes the winning number.

The simple gameplay combined with visual effects, massive joining bonuses and modern flair are just some of the notable features. I recommend all you game lovers to try your luck today!

Let me know in the comment section, which is your favourite website and game to play online.

Also, please stay home and stay safe. Try to be a responsible citizen and help others if possible! But at the same time, follow all the precautionary measures.

If you have any questions, please ask below!