Bachata Dance: Tips To Improve Your Bachata Dance Style

Bachata is one of the traditional dances whose origins go back to Cuba. According to Wikipedia “Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The dance was performed only in a closed position or say in a close embrace like the bolero. The basic dance sequence is performed in a full 8-count moving within a square, consisting of three steps and then a tap or various forms of step syncopations (such as the “double step”).” The dance is famous for its sensual movements. It is known for its nature of increasing intimacy among couples and making their non-verbal proximity a piece of cake. Due to its popularity, Bachata styles have entered the realms of international competitions. Many countries in the world host Bachata dance events, further increasing its popularity.

If you are already enrolled in a Bachata dance class, beginner level, this article will provide you with tips to improve your Bachata style. If you find this dance overwhelming just by looking at it, after reading the article, we assure you that you will be ready to take on all the challenges this dance has to offer.

Find a good Bachata class

It all starts with a professional dance instructor. Knowing how to learn to dance Bachata from a reputable school is one of the key elements needed to be good at this dance. Search for dance schools as well as the pedigree of their teachers.

Open your mind

The most important thing is to take a class with an open mind. Forget your inhibitions and feel free to explore the movements of your body while learning the steps of Bachata. This is when you understand your strengths and weaknesses when learning the style.


Make sure you apply everything the teacher tells you to do. In class, you must have a sponge attitude. Take in everything it gives you and take advantage of everything you can learn. Then you can attend social dance activities and show what you’ve learned on the dance floor.

Internalize the basic steps of bachata

Learn the basic bachata steps from your dance class. Those that you don’t have to think about and come out alone. Internalize them so that in the very near future you can unleash your imagination. Believe me, later on you will see a bachata video or someone will teach you a new movement and you will.

Review the bachata videos recorded in class and in the workshops you attend

Many people record the class dance steps on their mobile but then never see them again. There is no use doing that. What you have to do is see it again, review it, study it, stop it if there is something that does not come out and above all practice it. If you’re not going to do it, you don’t need to record more videos. There are many videos on the internet that teach you steps and combinations, but it is much better to have lived it in person and then review what you have already done before.

Lose your fear of dancing and try new dance steps

Everyone at some point has been afraid of taking someone out or afraid that they will ask us to dance, right? Sometimes we think, what if I take him out and he knows more than I do, or vice versa, he knows less and I get bored. And the reality is that nothing happens, it is something very normal and it is good that it happens. It keeps you tense. This fear is to motivate you and not to block you. So count to 3 and dare. Once you are already dancing, try your steps even if you don’t remember very well, what will happen (if it doesn’t come out) is that you will both end up laughing.

Look at the mirror

Make it a habit to look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t just trust the teacher’s corrections. Watch yourself dance and focus on what you can improve on.

Dance attire

Select the appropriate clothing. Remember that your garments must be made of a material that allows you movement. Always make this a top standard whenever shopping for dancewear.

Get to know your partner

The Bachata dance is a couples dance. By nature, dancing is very sensual. It would help a lot if they are comfortable with each other. The relationship with your partner is integral to the dance.

Listen to the music

Even if you are not in the studio, save your music on the Ipod or MP3. Listen to it while you go to work or school. Knowing every musical detail will help you dance more smoothly and gracefully. If you want to learn something new you must soak up and surround yourself with this new thing that you are learning.

Go out to dance bachata and practice a lot

Finally something left me something that I always recommend to everyone. Go out dancing, practice all you can. The more you practice, the sooner you will improve. It’s funny how in a few months there are people who improve a lot and there are people who don’t improve so much and the main difference is that the former go out to dance a lot more.

Just like any other style like salsa or other Latin styles, it takes practice and perseverance to improve your art.

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