Altitude Trampoline Park – The Top Trampoline Park in the World

grgegteAltitude Trampoline Park is the park with lots of amenities and is very popular among the visitors. It is a kind of park where even parents and adults can have fun. They can also have fun and enjoy jumping on the trampoline. It has everything that forces the visitors to come again and again as people of all ages are allowed. Its headquarter is located in Texas, but it also has trampoline parks in other counties as well. It is a perfect place for the adults, kids, boys, and girls.

So, let’s know in detail about this unusual park. Here, you will know about Trampoline Park, its facilities and services, pricing and other events.

About altitude trampoline park

Altitude, the fastest growing company of Trampoline Park in the world was founded in 2012. The park has opened in three continents and their cities. It has become the leader in the trampoline park company and offers unusual experience to visitors and park owners as well. It offers fun activities for people in various age groups. Its custom designed parks and world-class facilities are no match for other trampoline park company.

It has indoor jumping space of about 35,000 square feet that can accommodate thousands of people. It also offers the different range of activities like dodge ball, fitness class, regular jumping, etc. it is the best place to throw parties, group events, and birthday parties.

Many of its parks are under construction at new locations. You can check the location of altitude Trampoline Park near your locality and have fun there. You can find altitude Trampoline Park in Norway, England, Arizona, Florida, etc.


About park amenities

As said earlier that it has amenities on a top level, let’s see some of them as follows.

  • The main court – in the main court, the arena has more than 125 trampolines which are interconnected. Here, you can bounce off the walls or try freestyle. Jump as high as you can on these trampolines, make signature moves or try some tricks like jump with folded hands or move your legs in the air, etc.
  • Foam pit – experience unlimited fun in the largest foam pit of the altitude trampoline park from wall trampoline. The 60 ft giant foam pits here are the most excited one as you can jump on the trampoline and get underway yourself into this giant foam pit.
  • Dodge ball– it has two enclosed courts for dodge ball players. You can play dodge ball on the court that has enough space for all age people.
  • Kid zone – altitude Trampoline Park has a dedicated area for the kids. Small kids can jump safely on the trampolines. Safety is the priority of altitude Trampoline Park.
  • Basketball– it has a court for the basketball players. They can take their game to the second level at altitude.

All the facilities and equipment here are ADA certified. Apart from enjoying and having fun, you can throw parties and events.


Organize birthday party, group event or youth event at altitude

Birthday parties

Organize your birthday party at Trampoline Park by booking the place online. Tell them how many guests will come and order the food as per your choice. The birthday boy or girl will get a free jump and altitude t-shirt. You and your guest can access the main court, dodgeball courts and foam pit from just one birthday party package. All the party attendees will get free water bottles. Get a reserved party table, cutlery, plates, foods and other things in each party package. Fill the waivers online and speed up your check-in process.

You can even order the cake online and if wish then brings your food/drinks to the party. The decoration is not included in the package, but you can bring some items to decorate the walls. Add extra slices of pizzas to your menu or enjoy the party with the delicious and tender chicken in just $12.

Group events

Altitude Trampoline Park is the best place for hosting group events, family fun nights, youth event or corporate team building. The group pricing starts with 20 people, and the cost is as low as $10 per person. The price depends on the time you spend on the jumpers.

All your family, colleagues and friends will have the awesome time here. Altitude knows how to make an event successful and therefore, at least for once you should try planning your next event at altitude.

When you can have unlimited fun and the world-class facilities here, then pricing will also be marginal. Let’s check it out.


Pricing at altitude Trampoline Park

Single jumper rates– the price rates differ from the person to person. Within $16 you will get the pass for one hour at Trampoline Park. The price for 2 hours is around $21 and more for more hours. The pass is free for kids under 2 with a regular ticket.

Toddler time-the price is very less for the toddlers. Your kid can enjoy the trampoline for just $8. Even parents can enjoy jumping in $2 in the toddler time.

Family pack – the family pack is best if you want to spend your weekend with entire family. The pass is not costly even after including all the taxes. Four members of a family can enjoy the park in just $45 for an hour.

Special night – every Saturday is the teen night at altitude, and it is open to all ages. The pass is valid from 7 pm to 10 pm. Every Friday you can enjoy with the friends in the friendly friend night. Or spend your entire day with the college friends on Thursday as it has a full day dedicated to the college students. Show your student ID and enjoy.

Book ticket online

Altitude Trampoline Park offers the facility to book tickets online. Simply go to the site and book tickets for two or more. It also offers discounts and deals to their visitors, so subscribe or sign up with your email and stay informed about the exciting deals and offers.

Altitude Trampoline Park is thus an exciting place to relax, enjoy and spend your weekend. So, have unlimited fun and stay fit by buying your pass now at the altitude trampoline park.

If you have any questions, please ask below!