Advice on Choosing Valentine’s Day Lingerie

woman-in-redValentine's Day is a little more than a month away, so the proper time to think about the best gift for your beloved one has arrived. While some women feel confident dressed in sexy lingerie, others are more reserved and prefer being covered up. You have to know your Valentine's preferences perfectly well in order to be able to choose the right lingerie for him, so keep an eye on the following tips for making the perfect purchase.

1. Ensure that your lingerie fits

A study conducted in 2009 revealed that 8 of 10 women are not wearing the right bra sizes, which might lead to improper support for the breasts, as well as a saggier appearance. You have to make sure that your Valentine's Day lingerie fits your body perfectly, so opt for shopping in stores that can offer you professional help for choosing the best bra (and eventually bikinis).

2. Opt for a style that matches your personality

If Valentine's Day has arrived this does not mean that you have to change your style in order to become more attractive and desirable for your Valentine. Opt for a style that matches your personality - in other words, if you feel comfortable with wearing sexy, revealing lingerie, go for that option; if, on the other hand, you are more reserved and you feel substantially more confident when your body is partially covered up, be yourself and choose the lingerie that will make you feel comfortable with what you are doing. Picking a store like Victoria's Secret will allow you to see a wide variety of sporty, sexy and girly lingerie to wear on this special day, so that you can accommodate with it in advance.

3. Reveal your best asset

When choosing the best lingerie for Valentine's Day, you have to show off your best asset to make you feel confident and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. Thankfully, every person has at least one body part they are confident about, so regardless what is yours, just play it up. Pick that lingerie that can make it look even sexier than initially.

4. Complete your "outfit" with proper stockings

Stockings can make your so-called outfit look substantially better, as it will make you look sexier and will arouse your Valentine's imagination. Black lack suspenders or stay-ups will finish your outfit perfectly, emphasizing your most feminine assets in an unique way.

5. Choose precious fabrics

Choosing precious fabrics, such as silk, velvet or lace, can make your Valentine's Day lingerie sexier. Bear in mind that these fabrics will mold upon your curves, making you desirable, attractive and very sensual. Silken lingerie will definitely make you feel confident, and choosing a nice combination between black and red will definitely transform you into a Goddess. As for the patterns, stick to something that is specific to Valentine's Day: cupids, chocolate, kisses, flowers, lips, hearts, and so on. This will be enough to make your outfit more complex.

Here is a video guide for men on choosing the perfect gift lingerie for Valentine’s Day.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX0x2wklcdg]

With all the above-mentioned tips, you will surely choose the most amazing Valentine's Day lingerie, which will help you offer your Valentine the most incredible day of his entire life.

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