A brief history of the appearance and evolution of the roulette game

Roulette or the game of roulette is one of the most fascinating games of chance played in casinos over time. The contradictions of many historians have shown that the exact origin of the game is not known. Some say it was discovered in China, others say in Italy or France.

One thing is certain from the writings of historians of that time which show that in the Greco-Roman period, soldiers participated in all kinds of games, spun a chariot wheel on which was placed an arrow pointing outwards and thus was designated the winner. Some historians claim that the game of roulette is a combination of two very popular games Hoca (in Italian = game) and Eo (in English = strange), Hoca being the most widespread in Europe since the 17th century. The game takes place on a round table divided into 40 sections, and using a ball, players could bet on any section. Three sections were marked with zero, which gave the bank a 7.5% advantage over the players.

Along with Hoca, the Eo game was also played in England using a round table divided into 40 sections of which 20 were marked with the letter E and 20 with the letter O. In 1655 the French scientist Blaise Pascal, one of the most famous Mathematicians of the time were concerned with the invention of a “perpetual mobile” and the result of his drawings and methods substantiated and consecrated roulette but it was not clear how to make a profit from it.

Only in 1842 did Luis and Francois Blanc add a zero to the numbers on the cylinder, thus making the roulette (bank) an advantage. Later in America, double zero is added, further increasing the chances of profitability. It is certain that it was not until 1806 that the game of roulette in France was legalized by Napoleon Bonaparte. From 1872 to 1933 all gambling was banned in Germany and France, and Francois Blanc and his wife took advantage of this situation and opened the most popular casino of those times – Casino Monte Carlo – in exactly a period of economic advancement.

This proves today the huge money-making machine in Monte Carlo! Today, roulette games are offered by well-organized classic casinos, but especially by online casinos that attract more and more players in the virtual world. The latter uses high-performance software called random generator or random number generators. But as the software is not created by itself without human intervention, these software work according to well-established formulas, and the algorithms are changed periodically. Despite the fact that any software can be manipulated, millions of players resort to these methods of play!

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HOW TO WIN AT ONLINE ROULETTEby Samuel Blankson, is a guide for online players. Here are described the most optimal online roulette game systems. Here you will find a lot of diagram betting systems, as well as useful tips before starting online games.

SPIN ROULETTE GOLDby Frank Scoblete is one of the first books of its kind in which the author describes roulette with the basic rules, how to obtain a medium and long term gain by following some strategies that the author considers the most essential in the practice of the game.

THE CASINO ANSWER BOOKby John Grochowski. This book comes to the aid of all beginners but also advanced ones with explanations about roulette. Here you will find a lot of answers to most questions about roulette games.

SECRETS OF WINNING ROULETTEby Marten Jensen, the author is one of the most passionate researchers in roulette. This book presents various studies and methods of winning at roulette as well as the most effective systems to reduce the risks of gambling.

ROULETTE COMPUTER SIMULATION by Claus Koken. Is roulette a quick way to get rich? The author of this book deeply analyzes the existing methods and strategies in roulette games. The book is written in German. A methodical analysis of computer simulations that shows mathematical probabilities, randomly generated numbers, progressive games, and many calculation formulas with predictions for the game.

DAS GEHEIMNIS DES ROULETTE by Thomas Westerburg. The author, who is also a professional player, presents in this book the truth about gambling. The author’s theories are argued by facts, and the calculations coincide with the laws of mathematics. This also describes the fight against casinos. The methods and discipline described by the author are the basic criteria in the life of any roulette player.

THE CASINO GAMBLER’S GUIDEby Allan N. Wilson. It is one of the best casino books. The author describes in detail the winning systems but also the logical errors of gambling. The author also tells many facts that happened 50 years ago, about how the great players left their fortunes on the game table. Many game systems are also presented, all with a mathematical explanation.

There would be many books to add to this list, they are all good, they all show the experience of some roulette players, they all express the work of the players – their feelings are sometimes happier and sometimes sadder. All these books will help you to improve your knowledge about the roulette game!

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