8 Bingo Phrases that Will Keep You at Par With Other Players

Over the last few years, the world of bingo has drastically changed. Since the game was invented, only one significant change took place between the 18th and 20th centuries.

Evolution of the Game

Though the game was slowly evolving over many centuries, the major shifts occurred in the 1920s when it reached Edward S. Lowe in North America. In his efforts to formalize the game, Edward enlisted the assistance of a mathematics professor, and it is from that point that 75 ball bingo games started to take shape.

At the same time, a 90-ball variant was making its waves in the Atlantic. As American players enjoyed one type of bingo and another in Europe, many things gradually emerged in the world of bingo.

In the early 1960s, both the 75-ball and 90 ball bingo were played across the world. These changes remained in place until when the world of the internet was born. Although for a long time there have been efforts to bring new techniques to the mix, it was not until when bingo online reinvigorated the sector that new and exciting games indeed took hold.

Today the game has reached many players around the world. Thanks to sites like Aquamaids Bingo and other developers who have brought modern techniques and skills into the world of bingo. It does not matter whether you are new to bingo games or an experienced veteran; you will discover that there are some unique aspects of online bingo games. It is a game that never ceases to surprise people.

Commonly Used Phrases

You cannot play bingo games without understanding some of the languages and phrases used by players. There are always fun phrases introduced in online bingo halls that, at times, can be hard to understand for new players. In this section, we have explained some of the common phrases used by players. Read to understand their meaning and to remain at par with other game players.

1. 1-TG and 2-TG

When you see bingo players use these phrases during a game, it indicates that they are getting closer to the winning mark. ‘TG’ stands for ‘to – go.’ If a bingo player puts ‘1-TG’, it implies that he or she has one number to go.

When someone posts ‘2-TG’, it means that they have just two numbers to go, after which they win a prize.Excitable players who are about to claim the jackpot use these two phrases. They give bingo players insights into how their bingo cards are doing as compared with their competitors.

2. WTG

What is exciting about bingo players is that they are always eager to congratulate one another and share success. The term ‘WTG’ stands for the “way to go” and is used to applaud a fellow bingo player’s big win.

3. Blackout game

A blackout game is also known as a coverall game. It is mostly used in 75- ball bingo, and it requires game players to cover all the numbers on their cards to win.

In simple terms, it means that a player should cover all the twenty-four numbers displayed on a bingo card quicker than anybody else to win the game.

4. Bingo Bonus

Some online bingo sites will alert you about bingo bonuses on their website walls. That is because many bingo platforms will run bingo VIP programs to reward regular bingo players through bonuses to motivate them to continue playing.

5. Early Bird Game

The phrase does not imply that you have to wake up early at dawn to play. It means the 1st game of bingo session. Such a game sometimes is considered a warm-up game, and its price is smaller than the main scheduled bingo game.

6. Moonlight Bingo

The phrase does not imply that it’s played under the moonlight. It is used to describe a game that is staged towards the end of a playing session usually at night at or after 10 p.m.

7. Chat Room Game

In between the actual bingo sessions, chat room hosts may run chat room games to maintain player engagements. It is where the host explains the rules and regulations governing the bingo games.

8. RNG

‘RNG’ stands for a random number generator, and it is a computer computation that generates 100 per cent random outcome for every game hosted. It is an automated machine that ensures transparency for all bingo players.

In this digital world, more bingo players are signing up in many sites to join the bingo online growing community. Join the wave to entertain yourself besides winning prizes.

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