7 Magically Inexpensive and Romantic Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

free-anniversary-ecardsTime can really fly by when you are having fun with your partner. With the passage of time, your anniversary begins to sneak up on you. As the big day comes, you prepare yourself to go to that lavish dinner with your partner yet again. Or you don’t do anything at all on that special day because you are on a tight budget. Nevertheless, here are a few handy inexpensive tips for you to make your anniversary a memorable one because you do have to be balance your romance on one hand and finance on the other.

  • Recreate that wedding night menu

You don’t have to recreate each and every item that was there on your wedding menu. A special dish that you both loved and enjoyed would do. This recreating experience would definitely be gratifying, nostalgic and pretty romantic.

Work as a team with your partner. Choose that recipe together, go shopping, gather the ingredients and cook the items as a team. Now that’s not very expensive; is it? But it’s undoubtedly pretty fun and romantic.

  • Relive that first date of yours

Isn’t this very idea sound romantic? Let’s consider a scenario. Say for example, you two went on your very first date at a fast food restaurant. You two then followed it up with stargazing.

That fast food restaurant might have closed down now, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt you to make that tour again to that very same place; would it? After all, the stargazing option is still there. Plus there are so many memories associated with the place. So the best advice is to just go for it. Relive those memories. You two would love it.

  • Surprise gifts

Everybody loves surprises when it comes on a positive note. Implement the same principle in your anniversary plans. A surprise gift can really do the trick. Even free anniversary ecards can serve your purpose effectively.

  • Be creative

How about making something together from scratch? You can make a special photo album together on that very special day. The photo album is definitely meant in a physical sense. Sometimes, the old-school methods are really the best way to ignite the romance between you two.

  • Watch your wedding video together

Simple, but effective.

You have probably not watched your wedding video thoroughly after your marriage. But what’s the point of making that video if you had never planned to watch it in future? Your anniversary provides you with a good opportunity to refresh those marriage memories yet again. So get that recording out, dust it off and watch it together.

If you don’t have a recording of your marriage, you can always explore other options. Perhaps you took a special vacation after your marriage. You might have some recordings of that. Take those out. Watch them together. Those can also serve your purpose well.

  • Go on a tour

This can also serve to be your personal photo-shooting session. Chalk up a list of your favorite places around your town. Pack your camera, take your partner and just go. Try to visit those places that have a special place in your heart. For example, the church where you two got married or the place where you had your first kiss. You can then ask any passerby to take snapshots of you two that you can keep in a separate anniversary album. Now those are special anniversary memories that you will cherish forever.

  • Try something new

You are always welcome to pursue this last option. This is one of the best ways to celebrate that special day of yours and increase the bonding between you two.

How about a dance? Salsa? You two probably have no idea of what it is but there’s no harm in trying it out for the first time. Remember that you are not performing in a concert. You are just doing it for fun.

So go and have fun to your heart’s content with your partner. We wish you a happy anniversary in advance!

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