5 Ways You Will Not Miss a Concert Again

rwqewrHave you ever struggled to get tickets a concert only discover that a friend finds the process much easier? That is because they are professionals when it comes to buying tickets and know exactly how to prepare for an upcoming event. So, if you want to follow in their footsteps, here are five tips for never missing out on a concert again.

Join a Fan Club

Why wait in the queue when you can inconspicuously cut the line? If you want to buy pre-sale tickets to a show before they go on-sale to the public, it might be a good idea to sign-up to your favorite artist’s fan club, as many offer paid memberships providing exclusive codes for both pre-sale tickets and VIP packages. If you do not want to join their fan club, you could always follow them on Facebook in the chance that they offer special passwords for pre-sale tickets.

Check Credit Card Privileges

It is not just fan clubs that offer pre-sale tickets: some credit card provider offer them to their credit card holders. So, if you wouldn’t dream of missing a band or singer’s next tour, we recommend checking your credit card privileges to see if you are entitled to any reward.

Be Prepared to Book Tickets

If you want to beat the crowd, you need to be at the front of the queue, which means logging onto a website at least ten minutes before the tickets are due to go on sale. This will ensure your computer is ready and will give you a chance to login to join the queue. If you are a rookie on the website, you should login a few days early for a trial run to familiarise yourself with the booking process. Also, you can join another queue on a different browser, so you have a better chance of grabbing those all-important tickets.

Block CAPTCHA Tests

Those annoying CAPTCHA tests only seem to rear their ugly heads at the worst possible moment. So, do not allow the dreaded CAPTCHA be the reason you miss out on the tickets and ban them whilst you book. To do so, simply download a safe browser or a mobile plugin that can disable any unwanted prompts or ads, for example, you can install AdBlocker or CAPTCHA Monster.

Ask Family & Friends to Help You Secure Tickets

If you dream of seeing Elton John tickle those ivories or would love nothing more than Ed Sheeran pulling on your heart strings, you should ask your loved ones to get involved in the booking process to help you secure those all-important tickets.

Ask your Mum, Dad, sister, best friend and the next-door neighbour to log onto the internet, sign up to an account and start trying to secure those tickets so you can see your favourite artist in concert. You can guarantee they will help you if you can, so get all your loved ones involved and you could soon be seeing your favourite artist or band in concert. You know it makes sense.

Visit a Ticket Resale Market

Sometimes it does not matter how hard you try to buy tickets, because you might unfortunately lose out to other buyers. You will more than likely feel frustrated or upset, but push away those feelings and look for the next practical solution: the resale market. Websites such as ticketsales.com can offer resale tickets for a popular event, so you still have an opportunity to attend a show. You never know, even if you don’t find what you are looking for on the website – you might just discover tickets for an even better concert.

So, to ensure you catch your favorite performer, consider joining a fan club, check your credit card privileges, prepare to book before the sale, block those annoying CAPTCHA tests and visit a resale market to avoid disappointment.

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