5 of the Wackiest Party Ideas for Kids

The kiddo parties are definitely one of the hardest things to organize especially because you seldom get a confirmed idea as to what your kid wants and what s/he doesn’t. It’s therefore advisable to ask your kid about his/her preferred ideas on basis of which you should act accordingly.


Anyway, in this article we have highlighted a few of wackiest kiddo party tips that can come in handy for your party organizational purposes. Who knows what will click and what will not? At least we are proving you with a few options. So let’s begin without further ado.

  1. Consider having separate spots for the grown-ups and the kids

A simple plan like that can double the rate of fun especially from the kids’ point of view. Give them their own space so that they can have fun to their heart’s content without having any sort of adult intervention.

The key to doing that is to have separate spots for the grown-ups and the kids. Both zones will exhibit different menus based on individual ages. The grown-up zone may have grown-up food for the adults and the kid zone can exhibit kiddo foods for the kids themselves. The children will thoroughly enjoy themselves for sure.


Note: While having a separate celebratory zone for the kids themselves, it’s necessary for you to find somebody who’s trusted enough to keep a tab on the kids, especially during the ongoing celebrations. But do remember to tell him/her NOT to intervene in their business for any reason whatsoever unless it’s something related to their safety.

  1. Sensible gifts for the gifted kid

S/He doesn’t like toys like the other kids (who lie in his/her age bracket) do . And as per your opinion, you feel that your child’s a bit out of the ordinary; a bit more “gifted” to be more specific. So how about going for a more sensible gift as far as that particular child is concerned?

A book? Yep, you just spoke my mind.

  1. The secrets of the cake

This is definitely a great game indeed if you can play it the right way.

Party Cupcakes Candy Cakes Fun Cake Sweeets

Make a host of tiny cupcakes or muffins and accompany the same with bowls of liquid chocolate, colored sugar, choco chips and so on. Then ask the kids to create their very own version of a small cake with the help of the aforementioned ingredients. The one that tastes the best wins.

  1. Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Get a bouncy castle

Bouncy castles can be the heartbeat of your party if you can actually manage to get one for your kids. They can definitely increase the fun factor of your party by a notch or two.

Kids want activities. And bouncy castles give them exactly what they want: “activity.” So as far as boredom is concerned, you are covered for sure.

Minions Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castle hiring has become as easy as a piece of cake, especially in the modern techno-freaky world. You will just need a steady internet connection and a working device to get on it; and you’ll be able to hire yourself a castle in the blink of an eye.

  1. Photo booths can also be a great idea

Photo booths are fun and both the grown-ups and the kids can enjoy together as far as these beauties are concerned. These are more than capable of making a party memorable for a long time indeed.

photo booth

So, if you are thinking of hiring a photo booth to that party of yours, remember to accompany it with a few cool props as well to amp up the fun factor of the party. Your guests would love them for sure. Here are a few sample photo booth props for your reference:

Always remember that your imagination is your only limitation. If you can channelize your imagination in the right direction, you will be able to pull up something extraordinary out of the ordinary in no time. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end for now. Let the party begin!

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  1. Kostas Chiotis

    Alan, thanks for sharing these fun ideas. Little DIY projects, group games would also be amazing. Also get the kids involved in prep time too!

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