5 Interactive Tools You Must Try

evolutionNo matter where you go in life, you will undoubtedly use smart technology in one way or another. From fitness and health wearables to educational tools, there is an app for everyone, and for everything under the sun. With so much technology out there, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with it all. That said, here are 5 interactive tools that you must try. You’ll really have fun with some of them and others are for business or education, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are interesting and useful, and that’s what counts.

1. Managing Social Media with Zoho

For small businesses trying to capture a bigger market share by engaging with their audience, social media gives them exactly what they need. Unfortunately, with a busy workload how can you spend enough time on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to do much good on your social media campaigns. One interactive app that lets you schedule posts well in advance and helps keep everything well-organised is Zoho. Build brand and build your bottom line with an interactive tool that saves you a lot of time and effort.

2. Diet Calculators and Counters

Those trying to lose weight know just how hard it is to count calories so as to stay within a certain range considered to be healthy. It doesn’t matter what fitness gurus tell you, the truth is that you need to eat less than your body needs to maintain your current weight – and this will change over time as you begin to lose. So how can you always tell how much you ‘should’ be eating along the way? MyFitnessPal is a handy interactive app that lets you count calories as you go so that you are never eating too much or too little.

3. Quit Smoking Interactive Tools

Have you tried going cold turkey to quit the habit? Actually, there are interactive tools that you can use right from your smartphone that enable you to count your cigarettes and cut down along the way as you set goals, whether or not you meet them initially. Butt Out is one of the most popular cessation apps on the market in 2016 and an interactive tool you really must try if you are intent on quitting. Chart your progress as you go and share your efforts with a community of quitters just like you.

4. Looking to Win that Next Online Poker Tournament? Try This!

This interactive tool approaches the game of poker from a totally different perspective. While other players are out there trying to analyse you for the win, you really need to know yourself better. What kind of player are you, and more importantly, why? By understanding your own personality you can play from your strengths and leave your weaknesses behind. You really have to check out 888poker for a slant on the game you’ve never seen before.

5. Shopping Tools You Can’t Live Without

Then there is the fact that a great number of consumers shop online. The proof? Just look at how Amazon and eBay literally catapulted to the top of the online marketplace! Why not keep thousands of stores at your fingertips with an app like Wanelo Shopping you can simply search and shop and this handy tool finds what you are looking for based on the parameters you’ve set. A truly handy interactive app for today’s online shopper.

So then, here you have apps that let you analyse your very own personality so as to play a better hand of poker based on your own strengths and apps that help you lose weight, quit smoking and shop for the best deals to be had. These are all interactive tools you really must try and you’ll see why you can’t live without them.

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