13 Strategies To Know Before Making Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular games played online by millions of users. You can choose from umpteen tournaments and matches to win the game. Choose these fantasy cricket tips to choose the right team that lets you win the game. You can develop a game plan as you start playing as many games as you want.

  1. Don’t go by favorites

This is the rule of thumb when it comes to picking a team for fantasy games. Choose the top-performing players who have been in form during the sessions. This is the best tip to follow when choosing teams for online fantasy cricket games.

  1. Research players

Know about the players you are choosing for your team. There are many cricket websites that provide information about all the players.

  1. Check which teams are playing

Having an all star team is not good enough, you need to know which teams are playing so you can choose the right players for the games.

  1. Go with your instincts

It is important to use gut and common sense to choosing teams. This works most of the time and you end up making the right decision when you go by your instincts.

  1. Observe players

Understand and observe players every day so you know who is playing consistently. You could spend at least 15 minutes every day and learn about the performance of the players each day.

  1. Choose a game plan

Study various approaches and strategies when it comes to playing games. It is important to choose the right game plan and approach towards playing the game and choosing the teams.

  1. Take your time

You can spend some time in choosing a team. You will know whom to choose and whom to drop. Spend a good amount of time to know everything about the players.

  1. Choose a few uncapped players

This will let you pay less and get better profit scoring points when you choose uncapped players.

  1. Choose all rounders as captain

Choosing captain and vice-captain is a crucial decision. They are assigned double points and it is wise to choose all rounder when it comes to choosing these players.

  1. Select bowlers with low price

This is a good strategy to select bowlers as you can get the best for less cost. Choose bowlers who have records of taking more wickets as this will let you win the game.

  1. Choose contests wisely

There are many matches and tournaments going on. You can choose from a pool of contests and matches that cost less if you are a beginner.

  1. Create multiple teams

This works best when you play multiple matches. Using this strategy increases your chance of winning.

  1. Order of batsmen

Pick four top batsmen and choose the right order so you know how to win the game. Choose the first four positions for batsmen.


These are the best strategies you can use to pick a team for a single or a multiple contests. You can know how much you want to invest in a team by doing the research before picking one.

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