What to Consider when Buying a Furnace

fegrtwgrtwKeeping your house warm is the top most priority during winter. Hence, you cannot rely on guesswork to purchase a good furnace that will see the light of two decades. You must be armed with the right knowledge to make an informed choice.

Below are points you ought to be aware of as you embark on purchasing a heating system for your home.

The type of system

There are two types of furnace systems: a split system and a packaged system. The split system is more popular. It consists of the condenser and compressor, the evaporator coil and furnace. The packaged system has the heating and cooling located in a single unit saving you on space. Seek professional assistance for the suitable heating system for your home.

Your pocket size

As a rule of the thumb, go for the best furnace that falls within your budget. Mind you the furnace must comply with the 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) regulation. Efficient furnaces which have high ratings of AFUE cost more but require less utility costs over time. Note that installing a furnace includes costs such as labor, and purchase of add-on features like speed blowers.

The quality of air inside the house

Indoor use of furnaces can cause emission of harmful gases. A good air filter traps soot, bacteria, among other harmful particles. However they should be changed at least after every three months or as frequently as needed especially if the system is clogged. Thus, maintenance of the furnace is mandatory to improve the quality of air. Furnace repair experts should consequently be consulted often.

Source of Fuel

There are various fuel sources namely: natural gas, oil or electricity. Natural gas is clean, highly efficient and economical, saving you money on your monthly bills. Oil is also economical, produces high heat, and is non-explosive making it safe to use. Electricity is safe to utilize since it does not emit harmful gases. It is expensive since it consumes a lot of energy to attain a desirable temperature. The heat pump powered by electricity stands out as the most economical of all fuel sources. It can heat and cool your home using minimal energy, saving you a lot over time.

The type of speed blowers

Blowers spread heat to the house. Variable speed blowers are better than standard speed blowers. The former ensures better control of the room temperature, regulates humidity and distribution of air. If the temperature is warmer outside, it reduces in speed and vice versa. The standard speed blower switches off or on after blowing heat for sometime.

System zoning

Some rooms in your home can either be warmer or colder than others. For instance, while the basement is commonly cold, rooms exposed to the sun are warmer. Enter zoning systems and the inconsistencies in the room temperatures are a thing of the past! Your home is categorized into zones. The thermostat for each zone controls the temperatures depending on its settings.

Professional installation of the furnace

There are trained professionals licensed to handle furnace installations. You should not settle for substandard means of installation under the guise of saving costs. Otherwise, you run the risk of having fuel leakage in your home among other hazards.

Accurate sizing of the appropriate furnace

If the size of the furnace is too small for your home, it will consume too much energy since it will have to go into overdrive to supply sufficient heat. This translates into high bills. When the furnace is too big, it will be on and off at very short intervals decreasing its life expectancy. Have a trained expert to calculate and assess the correct furnace size for your home.


Furnaces have varied warranty periods. While some come with a 5-year warranty, others have a whooping 20-year warranty or a limited lifetime warranty. Establish what warranty a furnace has before purchasing it in case of eventualities.


As a means towards encouraging reduced usage of power consumption especially during the peak power consumption season, the Government and power plants, offer attractive rebates and incentives.High efficiency equipment although costly, enjoy handsome offers. Consider furnaces with these incentives.

In conclusion, since weather conditions are no respecter of homes, investing in a high efficiency furnace is the way to go. It is a worthwhile venture translating into improved quality of life both during the hot and cold seasons.

If you have any questions, please ask below!