What to Consider Before Buying a Backup Generator

power-generatorPeople prepare for all different types of situations that could occur at any moment. They may have a storm shelter for tornadoes, a designated meeting place in case of a fire, or a security system for possible intruders. These things may never be used, but they are there just in case people need them for an emergency. Backup generators are purchased for the same reason: emergency situations. Whether you need to keep a hospital running or just your refrigerator, having the right generator is important in an emergency. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect generator for your needs.

Be Prepared

It won't do you much good to start looking for the right generator when a storm is on its way. It is important to purchase a backup generator well in advance of predicted severe weather. If you wait until after the storm hits, you could face higher prices and only a limited supply of choices. Making this decision beforehand gives you time to think about what you need, how you will use it and what additional resources you need to keep it running. Carefully consider what you want to be powered in your home in an emergency. The size of your generator will affect the performance of the appliances you are trying to power and overloading it can result in a shorter life for your generator.

Where to Start

There are many things a consumer should consider when shopping for a generator. Make sure to do your own extensive research and become familiar with the different brands your area has to offer. A good place to start may be talking to your friends and family about their generator experiences and recommendations. It is important to find authorized dealers who are certified by the manufacturer for installation, service and warranty. You may find them by doing a quick search on your favorite search engine or in a newspaper. Once you have identified a dealer who meets those expectations, ask for referrals. Once you have called several and infer about their quality of services, have them come to your home and advise you on the options that would be best suited for you. If you live in a neighborhood, be sure to inquire about the sound rating of the generator you are considering and how it will affect you and your neighbors while it is in use.

Options to Consider

There are many options people must consider before deciding on a generator for their needs. One of the most basic options may be deciding on a manufacturer. You want to find the most reliable brand that has gained the most trust from your fellow consumers. After deciding on a manufacturer, the next option is arguably the most important in ensuring a hassle free future when dealing with your generator: Finding the right dealer. This is the person that will install, service, and perform warranty work on your generator. You need to make sure that the dealer you choose is reliable and qualified to keep your generator intact for years to come. Other not so crucial options to consider will be the size of your generator, whether or not it is portable, and what type of fuel it runs off of (gasoline, propane, or natural gas).

Professional Installation

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. A professional installation provides many advantages for the consumer. You will receive expert advise on the best options for your specific needs, while ensuring a knowledgeable professional will correctly install your generator and perform any service or warranty work in the future, if necessary. When a professional completes the installation, you receive a certification that they have met the installation, service and warranty requirements. Going with a professional installer will also give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable local company that will stand behind anything they sell.

Whether you want a backup generator for a blizzard in the Midwest or a hurricane on the coast, each of these tips apply to you and your search for the perfect generator. Follow our advice and your generator purchase should go on without a problem.

Sammy Jo writes for, a backup generator supplier in Atlanta and Jasper, GA. Their mission is to assist those across Northern Georgia achieve energy independence.

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