What Size Ducted Heating Unit Do I Need?

If you are planning to install a central ducted heating system in your house in Australia, you might be wondering about the right size. Here is how to calculate.

A central ducted heating system is one of the most common heating systems used in Australia. Do you know the reason for the immense popularity of this system? It provides warmth to the entire house. The purpose of this system is to draw air inside your home. The system does it via a return air grille. Then, the air passes through a heat exchanger. Gas combustion warms the air. Once the main unit heats the air, it reaches the home through the ducts. It happens through a series of vents. These vents are present either in the floor or the ceiling of the property.

Why should you Shift to Ducted Heating System?

One of the important reasons to move to a gas ducted heating system is that it will be aesthetically appealing in your property. Further, it provides easy control, even distribution of air, efficiency and brings comfort to your entire home. But, now, you should remember that the right size matters. Why? Here is the reason:

Why Selecting the Right Size Duct Heating System Is Important?

It all comes down to energy efficiency. Ducted heating systems run the best when they are designed to fill the space efficiently. When you take the case of an energy-efficient ducted heating system, it will gradually warm your house sustainably. On the other hand, choosing an inappropriate size will make the heating system work much harder. In turn, it will need more repairs.

With the right size central ducted heating system, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved comfort
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced chances of repairs
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the system

When the system is too small, you will not get the benefits of installing it in your home. On the other hand, if the system is too big for your home, you will end up paying more towards heating charges. At ComfyHome, we can ensure that you get the right heating system for your requirements and your home.

How to Evaluate Ideal Size of Ducted Heating System?

Now, you know the importance of choosing the central ducted heating system of the right size. But, you can find the answer to your question of what size heater do I need here:

What is the Size of your Home?

To evaluate what size ducted heating do I need, you should first know the size of your entire home. When you measure your home, you can find which Kilowatt (kW) heater is the right choice for your home. You will have to consider other factors like ceiling heights, window coverings, floorings and insulation.

To measure the size of your home, you should have a measuring tape and should measure the length and width of every room in your home to be heated. Now, multiply the width and length of each room separately. In turn, you can get the area in square meters. Once you do this, add up the complete areas of your home that you have just measured. In turn, you can get the entire area of your home that you want to heat.

To find the kW, you will have to identify how many squares. Then, you will have to divide the entire square meters by 9.29. For instance, let us consider that your total square meters is 150. If so, you will have to divide 150 by 9.29. The result will be 16.146 Square. The basic rule to remember here is that one square is equal to one Kilowatt.

In short, once you know the total square of your home, you can calculate the kW of ducted heating system you need for your home.

Choosing the Right Size:

Once you know the size of squares in your home to be heated, you can begin comparing the heating systems that can meet your kW needs. It is better to make sure that you are not going too far over the recommended kW rating for your home. So, we would recommend you to get professional help to measure the right size and get the best quote. In turn, you can safeguard yourself from paying too much for a bigger unit. Otherwise, you can protect yourself from an ineffective investment in a small ducted heating system.

Know the Star Rating:

Not only for a ducted heating system but even for any other home appliance for that matter, star-rating is important. It is what informs you of the energy efficiency of the unit that you have shortlisted. In simple words, it is the correspondence to how efficient the unit concerning the gas cost. The more star rating a system has, better will be the energy efficiency. You will be surprised to know that each star rating can save you around 10% on your utility cost of running the appliance.

What Other Factors to Consider?

Apart from the size of the area that needs warmth you will have to consider other factors as well:

  • Do not forget to consider the ceiling height when evaluating the overall size to be heated.
  • You should consider the physical features of your property. These features include carpeting, window coverings, ceiling and wall insulation.
  • Also, the climate in your area can play a major role in deciding on the right size.

If you have any questions, please ask below!