What Determines the Best Features in a Vacuum Cleaner

floor vacuumingA vacuum cleaner is your helping hand in cleaning your home. It’s always better to let your vacuum cleaner take care of the mess than doing it manually. The features of your vacuum cleaner should be aligned with your cleaning needs.

Most importantly, it should be easy to handle and operate and also easy to maintain. Here are some of the factors that determine the best features in a vacuum cleaner.

Latest Technology

Vacuum cleaners have been in the market for a long time, and there have been add-on features and technology upgrades. The vacuum cleaners used to be hefty in the past, but today, compact design options are available.

Modern technology today allows ease of operations and efficient use. They are also known to consume less electricity than before. Everything is just a push of a button away in the modern vacuum cleaners.

There are even smart vacuum cleaners that you can operate through your phone. Henry Hoover offers the latest technology vacuum cleaners, and you can choose the best Henry Hoover among the wide variety of options.

Suction Power

Your vacuum cleaner should provide the ideal suction power according to the purpose of use. For example, you’d need a powerful suction power for builder dust, whereas a normal suction power should be sufficient for daily cleaning purposes. A good vacuum cleaner should have a strong suction power that serves difficult cleaning needs.

Strong Filtration

Vacuum cleaners today come with HEPA filters for controlling the allergens from the environment and improving the overall air quality. Certain vacuum cleaners also come with filters that improve the odour and release a fragrance while cleaning.

To add up to the strong filtration, the vacuum cleaners also come with a self-cleaning filter option with just the push of a button.

Wet/Dry Features

In the past, the vacuum cleaners were designed for cleaning only the dust and debris from your upholstery or carpets. With technological advancements, the vacuum cleaners started using sponge filters and quick dry features for wet messes.

For daily cleaning purposes, select a good vacuum cleaner with wet settings to clean up spills and unclog drains.

Compatible with Your Flooring

Your floor has different cleaning needs as there can be both carpets and hard surfaces. Your vacuum cleaner should have the respective settings for cleaning a particular area of the floor. Also, it should have extended arms that you can attach for cleaning the staircase. Your vacuum cleaner should thus be compatible with every section of your flooring.

Accessories and Settings

Vacuum cleaners come with various accessories and parts for every corner of your home. There are accessories such as crevice tool, upholstery tool, dust brush, carpet cleaning tool, bare floor brush, etc. for various sections of your home. It should also have an extra-long power cable and hose to clean under the trickiest surfaces.

There are also settings for hard surfaces and light settings for delicate surfaces such as your TV. A good vacuum cleaner should have such accessories and settings to cater to all kinds of cleaning needs.

Battery Backup

A strong battery backup is also an ideal feature to look for in your vacuum cleaner to get sufficient cleaning time and don’t run out of power in the middle of the process.

Pet-Friendly Features

If you are a pet owner, you know that pet hair lying around your couch or on the floor is a bit of a problem to deal with. It especially gets unhygienic in the kitchen area. The modern vacuum cleaners today come with pet-friendly settings to take care of the tiniest hair lying around your home.


There’s no point investing extra bucks on your vacuum cleaner if you can get the best deal out of a similar product that is as good and efficient. You should definitely conduct research on the price options of the vacuum cleaners in the market. The price should justify the features.

You can explore the budget-friendly options and choose the best Henry Hoover according to your affordability.

All Rounder

Your vacuum cleaner should be an all-rounder so that you don’t have to purchase additional accessories or machines or have to clean manually. It should take care of every corner of your house.


The durability of the vacuum cleaner is an important feature to look for. Cleaning the filters and the accessories should be easy. You shouldn’t have to go through the trouble of repairing or replacement. Your vacuum cleaner should perform well for a prolonged time.

While buying a vacuum cleaner, go through the above points to invest in the best appliance for your home.

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