Washroom Dispensers, Why and Which Ones?

ffwergf3rtWhat did we do before the invention of the dispenser? They not only compliment the aesthetics of modern design, but also keep the washroom clean from clutter whilst making cleaning and good hygiene easier to upkeep. They're a staple piece in any good washroom.

CNM Online, the washroom and heating specialists, have listed the different kinds of dispensers available and some of the benefits of utilising them.

Paper Towel Dispensers

If you don't want damp, unusable paper towels found all across the washroom floor then a paper towel dispenser is a must. A messy or cluttered washroom can be really off putting for customers or employees, and could stop people wanting to use the facilities.

There are a few options available when it comes to paper towel dispensers, all of which are wall mounted to maximise space whilst incorporating a range of modern designs.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

You can't have a toilet facility without having a toilet paper dispenser. The standard toilet roll holder may well do the trick, but because the roles they hold are small in size they might need replacing on a regular basis. This is where a commercial dispenser is a better option, as they hold much bigger rolls and will last alot longer.

Another option is a dispenser which holds more than one roll, allowing even less frequent visits from the maintenance staff.

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are essential for ensuring a hygienic washroom, workforce and customer base. There are both liquid and foam dispensers which come in a range of styles and finishes. With modern designs it's easy to keep a nice uniform look across the washroom, with soap dispensers that compliment both paper towel dispensers and toilet roll holders.

Wall mounted dispensers often come with a lock facility on the unit, and can be emptied and refilled as often as needed. These dispensers are usually push activated, but can come with motion sensors to dispense soap too, allowing for greater hygiene.

Deck mounted dispensers are usually filled underneath the counter, and need to be a part of the washroom unit. These are usually push activated, but again options are available for motion sensors.

Combination Dispensers

Combination units are great if you're limited for space or just want everything in one place. Combination units can house different products depending on the model selected, with most housing soap and paper towels. More sophisticated units may also house the bin and even a hand dryer.

Choosing A Dispenser

There are different considerations to be made when selecting a dispenser, think of your volume and footfall, how much of everything are you going to need? Consider the look of your washroom, do you want everything to match? Will it suit the design? And then think of the durability, plastic units are great and usually cheaper, but often won't last as long as metal products, especially when the washroom is for public use.

If you have any questions, please ask below!