Top Benefits of Using Floor Heating Systems In Home

When choosing the most preferable way to keep your home warm during those colder months of the year, one of the options that you may come across is floor heating. It involves pipes being laid in the concrete slab beneath your home through which hot water is passed; the heat from the water will pass up into the room above. Whilst this form of heating is already quite popular in Europe, it is only just starting to take off here in Australia as more people discover the many benefits of using it.


Even temperature throughout the room
One of the biggest problems associated with other forms of heating is that the warmth is centralized in one particular spot (often the roof, especially around the vent). This system, however, will ensure that there is an even level of heat between the floor and the ceiling. Your feet will no longer be freezing whilst your head is more then warm enough.

Saves money on energy costs
There are actually a number of different ways that floor heating works to save you money. Firstly, the way that the home is heated means that you can keep the thermostat on a lower temperature. This means that the system won't have to work as hard or use as much energy. Secondly, the heat is generated in a gas-operated boiler, which is cheaper to run than electricity.

Aesthetically pleasing for all homes
Once the system has been installed, it will be completely invisible because everything is contained beneath the floor. The lack of ugly vents and ducts will make your home much more attractive. Each room will have a clean and streamlined appearance that is free of obstruction, allowing you to place items of furniture wherever you would like.

Floor heating scheme

Most environmentally friendly solution
The popularity of floor heating has also increased as more people have become aware of the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Your greenhouse gas emissions can actually be reduced thanks to the more efficient use of energy around your home. Other systems, however, are known to actually increase the amount of pollution produced b your home.

Creates a healthier home environment
One of the best things about this type of heating is that it doesn't involve any forced air, which makes it perfect for use around asthma and other allergy sufferers. You will notice your family breathing much easier after installation and you may even see a reduction in the number of bugs that you pick up as a result of airborne allergens.

Almost completely silent to operate
We are sure that you have noticed the annoying roar your existing system makes when it kicks on and off - it's quite load, after all. Floor heating, on the other hand, is relatively silent - you won't notice when it turns itself on and off. On the very odd occasion, you may hear water bubbling away in the boiler if you happen to be close by (usually if you're outside).

Lessens the amount of cleaning
You may not have actually noticed how your existing heating system contributes to the amount of cleaning your home needs. Because these systems rely on the movement of fan forced air, dust and dirt are blown around the home at an alarming rate. Floor systems, on the other hand, don't blow dust around and don't create drafts that are known to attract dirt.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with the installation of floor heating in your home - and we haven't even covered them all! If you believe that any of the above benefits could make your home a much more comfortable place to be, we recommend that you look deeper into having on of these heating systems installed in your home. They are perfectly suited to homes that are under construction or renovation, but it is possible to find a solution for existing homes that works just as well.

This information was issued by Cambro Boilers, a home heating products organization in Australia.

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