Tips When Buying a New Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum-cleanerBy definition, “a vacuum cleaner (also called a vacuum or hoover or a sweeper) is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors.”

The first attempts to provide a mechanical solution to floor cleaning were begun in England in 1599. Before vacuum cleaners, rugs were hung over a wall or line and hit repeatedly with a carpet beater to pound out as much dirt as possible.

On June 8, 1869, Chicago inventor, Ives McGaffey patented a “sweeping machine”. This was the first patent for a device that cleaned rugs, however, it was not a motorized vacuum cleaner. McGaffey called his machine the Whirlwind and it was the first hand-pumped vacuum cleaner in the United States, a wood and canvas contraption.

Now, when it comes to purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, you want to ensure you're not only getting value for money, but that you're getting the right model for your home. You may have a house full of two-inch-thick pink pile carpets - or you may have chic, minimalist hardwood flooring throughout. What you ultimately decide on should be the best machine for the job. Read on for some essential tips and things to weigh up before you buy your next vacuum cleaner.

Consider what's best for your home

As above, you first need to consider what kind of vacuum would best tend to the floor coverings in your home. You also need to think about footfall - do you have a busy family home or are there just the two of you? Maybe you live alone but have a large flat, carpeted throughout? The choice isn't as cut and dried as it may seem.

Choosing an Upright

This is the standard model of vacuum cleaner and has been for a near century. There are reasons for its longevity and survival in a world of increasingly sophisticated new models, and they're mainly practical ones: uprights are easy to store and to push around. They're also the best model for cleaning big spaces and certainly the ideal one to choose if you have wide, spacious rooms with fitted carpets.

Steam Mops

You want friends and family members to enjoy the time they spend in your home. If you have children, you must ensure the surfaces they touch are as clean and sterile as possible. Unfortunately, maintaining a perfectly clean home takes a lot of time and effort. That is exactly why every household should have at least one steam mop. The Steam Mop Reviews website might help you compare various models.

Choosing a Cylinder

In an era where carpets are increasingly less popular, bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners have really come into their own. They are ideal for cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring and have the added bonuses of being the best of the two when it comes to cleaning curtains, sofas and chairs and getting into smaller spaces. Their increasing popularity and rise in production also means they tend to be cheaper, plus you're spared the expense of buying endless replacement bags over the years.

Think about filtration

This is often overlooked as a feature to set store by, but it's definitely worth looking into it-especially if you or anyone else in your home tend to suffer from allergies. Dust escapes from the vacuum's exhaust when used, and the filter determines the levels. Stage filters ensure the dust comes out bit by bit, whereas lifetime filters live up to their name and last up to a decade.

Consider the power output

The suction power of your vacuum is what's key - and its power level is determined by not just the design and various other features, but by the motor power. High wattage will likely always give your machine more suction power, but it matters less with uprights than with cylinders, where dust and dirt has a longer journey to reach the bag or cylinder. Nowadays, with energy conservation in mind, some models are designed with adjustable motor power.

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