Tips for Selecting the Right Electronic Facial Cleansing Brush

Electronic facial cleansing brushes are life transforming gadgets that people are finding invaluable nowadays. The main reasons people are obsessing over these gadgets is that they:

  • Easily remove makeup and dirt
  • Enable your skin to Effectively absorb serums and skin care creams
  • Enable you to apply cleanser on wet skin
  • Help you avoid the irritation caused by chemical exfoliation
  • Massage your face
  • And leave you with exfoliated, smooth, and clean skin

Sure, these gadgets are amazing, but not all of them are for everyone. There are various brands available and they all come with varying features. It can be a challenge determining which features are best for you. Below are a few tips to help you pick the right electronic facial cleansing brush.

#1 – Consider your Skin, its Flaws and All

The first thing you should take into account is your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin, then you should choose an electronic facial cleansing brush meant for this skin type. Do some research online to determine the best device for your skin type before even making an order online or going out to do some shopping.

#2 – Cleaning

An electronic facial cleansing brush will often be dealing with organic matter from your face and other products that may be used with the tool. The facial skin is quite sensitive and that is why it is often recommended to take extra care of it. This involves always using pure and natural products as well as clean towels or alternative aids to handle it. Considering that electronic facial cleansing brushes will often contain makeup residue, dirt, and other products from your face, it means that you will be cleaning the device after every use. A good gadget should be easy to clean.

Waterproof/ Water resistant

A convenient device should be water resistant. There are various brands out there that are waterproof. You can comfortably use them in the bathroom without getting concerned about water getting into them. The waterproof or water resistant feature makes it easy to clean the device; considering that it is an electronic device.

Some products come with various parts that can be attached and detached. You should also ensure that these different parts are easy to clean. The easier and less time consuming the device is to clean, the more right it is for you.

#3 – Brush Attachments and Replaceable Parts

Some electronic facial cleansing brushes come with brush attachments such that you can switch one brush attachment for another, for convenience. These kinds of devices enable you to achieve different results. Those that come with only one kind of brush, obviously limit what you can do with them. Consider the results you want to achieve with the device and then look at whether the one you are going after will enable you to achieve that result.

Brush skin corrector

One of the brush attachments you can come across is a brush skin corrector that enables you to reduce wrinkles, brown spots, and redness.

Some devices also have replaceable parts like the brush head.

#4 – Power

Most electronic facial cleansing brushes come with rechargeable batteries. Some will store power for several hours when they are full, while others will last you an entire month when fully charged. So, one of the things you’ll want to consider is how long the device keeps power once fully charged.

The other thing you should consider is how long the device takes to charge. Some devices will take around 6 – 8 hours to attain a full charge and others can go for as long as 12 hours. You’ll want to go for something that will not take you forever to charge. As a rule of thumb, if it charges for longer than you sleep at night, it may not be convenient for you. Go for something that you can leave charging when you go to bed and that will be ready for you when you get up in the morning.

#5 – Price

Look for something that’s within your budget and that fulfills your needs. Depending on what you want to achieve with the device, some features may be expensive.


If it doesn’t have a warranty, it’s not authentic. Manufacturers and retailers who have faith in their products will always provide some kind of assurance that they are selling you quality.

#6 – Speed Settings

Electronic facial cleansing brushes may come with a one-speed setting or with various speed settings. For those who want to appreciate the massaging aspect of these devices, the ones with various speed settings are the best for you.

These are the main features you’ll find in most electronic facial cleansing brushes. You can determine which aspects of the brushes matter most to you from the list above and then make an informed decision regarding the features that best suit your needs. I believe the above list will help you choose just the right electronic facial cleansing brush for you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!