The First Teflon and PFOA free Cookware

setbigWith a wide variety of cookware out in the market, there’s bound to be some sort of confusion for buyers; What to buy, which qualities to look for, how long will it last, is it safe for cooking, does its worth match its value and so on. Titanium cookware is and still remains the top choice. A close look at the facts will shed light on what makes it a superior product.

Titanium is a very strong metal which is also used in making airplanes, golf clubs and even space crafts. Now imagine the kind of quality you’re dealing with in this case. Titanium material for cookware means that they can endure harsh conditions and still maintain their superior quality.

Even though titanium is a strong type of metal, one should know that the cookware is light to lift and use. That is a twist that always seems to amaze users.

This is a well thought of quality given the fact that it is intended to make cooking comfortable and easy. So in this case anyone; big or small can use Titanware.

With the strength of Titanium metal, the cookware can be used for years and still maintain its strength and quality.


If you’re questioning its safety, consider the fact that titanium is highly favored by modern medicine for the surgical replacement of hips and knees. It addition to its safety for human use, Titanware is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use.

The Titanium cookware is Teflon and PFOA free. This means that your food coming into contact with the surface of the pans poses no danger to your health. It also doesn’t produce fumes which known to harm humans.

Another superior quality with these cookware is that you can cook your food using any method; poaching, baking, braising, broiling or searing without necessarily having to use oil yet the food will not stick to the pan. It is however not restrictive, you can add cooking oil to your food if you wish.

With this kind of flexibility, it definitely promotes healthy eating. This is unlike ordinary cooking pans that require you to use oil, butter, grease, sprays or fat while cooking.

Each and every pot and pan has been strength tested using box cutters, hammers, steel wools and yet passes the tests every time. You sure are getting value for your money.

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