The Benefits of a Bread Machine

bread machineBread has been a huge part of the staple diet for humans for thousands of years, and is eaten worldwide in loads of different variations and made with many different recipes, from flat pita style breads to crusty and floury Ciabattas to fluffy white loaves of English bread. The huge market for bread has led to electronics manufacturers making life much easier when it comes to cooking your own bread at home with the introduction of Bread Machines, which have been around for decades now. So, should every house have an appliance to help cook their bread? What are the best benefits of bread makers and machines?

Experimenting With Your Recipes

Lets face it, eating the same old types of bread every day can get a little boring, and variety is the spice of life! Fortunately, many of the top bread makers are designed with keeping things interesting in mind, and come with different cycles and modes to cook different kinds of bread. On top of this there are tons of recipes available online and in booklets supplied with your appliance. Another excellent feature some of the top machines on the market offer is fruit and nut dispensers which will drop these additional items into your mixture as it cooks for even more variations. Fire up a bread machine, stick in a new recipe, set the crust setting to your personal preference and make sure you’re never bored of your sandwiches again! You can even try out different types of bread by making bread machine pitas or rolls.

Set and Forget

One of the best things about kitchen appliances is when they can pretty much look after themselves, fortunately this is an option with bread makers too, as many of them come with timer settings so that you can add your ingredients, input your settings and forget all about it until you’re going to want the bread. Want a fresh loaf when you get back from work? Set your machine in the morning and be met with that beautiful bakery smell when you walk in the door at the end of the day! Want your toast in the morning to be made from a tasty new loaf? Set your machine before you go to bed and it’ll help you wake up in the morning! They require very little attention, which is a contrast from baking by hand, so the convenience factor is definitely a huge benefit.

No More Kneading!

Kneading bread is probably the toughest area of baking, it is really hard to get it right and there’s nothing worse than a flat, poorly kneaded loaf when it comes out of the oven. Bread machines take this process out of your hands with paddles specifically designed for doing this job, all you have to do is put the ingredients in and you’re well away! You can even use the dough settings on your machine to do the legwork for you before you make other items, such as rolls and even pizza bases.

Saving Money

It might not seem like an appliance you have to splash out for in the first place can save you money, but in the long run, you definitely can! If you think about the money you spend buying loaves of bread and other products your bread machine can make from supermarkets or bakeries, you’ll begin to notice that the ingredients to make them are much cheaper than the end product. With a machine, you can make a loaf of bread for a fraction of this price, which means that over the years it should last will save you some hard earned cash.

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