Stay or Switch? Choosing an Electricity Retailer for Your New Home

Transferring to a new location can be an exciting thought, especially if you're at that point where you welcome a change of environment. And what if you're moving into a brand new house, or at least a refurbished one? Wouldn't that be a real thrill?

electrical towersHowever, the tasks of leaving your current place and arranging the new one can also be quite dreadful. The logistics alone can drive you nuts. Add to it the connection of your utilities, especially electricity, which you can't live without - unless you want to experience how it's like in the "Dark Ages."

Don't panic, though. If you'll be moving soon, you just need to plan ahead. Start by deciding if you do need to switch electricity retailers. Sometimes, you don't have to search for another one right away, but stick it out with the current one.

  • Look at the service you're now using and the fees you're paying for it. If it works for you perfectly, why change? Ask your current provider if they cover the area you'll be transferring to and get the same plan. If you've found a new place in the same town or city, there's a big chance that your retailer can accommodate your requirements still. They might even give you a special rate for being a loyal user.
  • Also check with your current provider if you won't incur any additional charges if you are to terminate their service around that time that you're planning to move. Add these to your price comparison details. Make sure that you'll still choose the best value after including termination fees in the sum.
  • If you're moving into a rented place, it doesn't always mean that you need to use the companies used by the previous tenant. See if the service fits your requirement. If the fees and the provisions are too much for what you need, ask the landlord if you can look for another provider or have something that fits your requirements and budget.
  • Similarly, if the house is previously owned, don't be too lazy and just think of continuing the electric connection already being used. Check if the electricity plan used by the past occupant answers your needs. Don't let yourself get stuck in a service that's short of what you need or want or even too much for your activities and financial capacity.

Once you've determined whether to stay with the old or switch to the new, inform the provider of the exact location of your new house and when you're planning to move. It would be best to have your electricity ready to use two days before your move-in date. This is to give allowance should there be any unexpected delays and to accommodate testing of appliances and other services like cable or satellite TV, Internet, etc. that you want to be available right on the day of your big move.

Don't leave out any request or specification in mind even from the first time you speak with the provider. Better ask them immediately so they can give you the best and soonest possible solution.

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