The Best Value Washing Machines on the Market

washingWhen choosing a new washing machine there are a number of things to look out for if you want to get the best deal:

  • Footprint or size. 400 × 600 × 900 mm (depth by width by height) is the standard footprint and will fit under most kitchen counters. Depth can vary quite considerably, so measure up before you buy.
  • Capacity is measured in kilograms. Each kilogram equates to approximately five shirts, so in a standard six kilogram drum you can fit around 30 shirts.
  • Spin speed typically varies between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm. The faster the spin speed, the dryer the clothes will come out, meaning less time in the tumble dryer or on the drying rack.
  • Energy efficiency ratings give an idea of the machine's power consumption.
  • Wash performance ratings indicate how well they cope with tough stains.
  • Programmes vary depending upon the product. More programmes equate to greater context-specific functionality. If you are conscious about the environment, or are on a water meter, make sure to find one with an eco-friendly cycle.

So without further ado, here are the four best value washing machines on the market today:

1. Beko WMB71642W

Beko WMB71642WPrice: £239.99

Footprint: 540x595x850mm

Capacity: 7kg

Spin speed: 1600rpm

Energy efficiency: A+

Wash performance: A

Programmes: 16

This Beko washing machine includes an economy wash and an energy efficient cycle, as well as an adjustable quick wash setting. Other cycles include mixed fabrics and baby programmes, which are great for tough stains like baby food. A cheap and very versatile machine with a good capacity and excellent spin speed makes this a front-runner for the best value washing machine on the market.

2. Beko WASH512W

Beko WASH512WPrice: £199.99

Footprint: 450x600x850mm

Capacity: 5kg

Spin speed: 1200rpm

Energy efficiency: A+

Wash performance: A

Programmes: 11

For a washing machine under £200, the Beko WASH512W offers astounding value for money. Its 5kg load makes it suited to a smaller household and the optional half-load programme is great for quick mid-week washes, using less water and energy than the full load. Its high energy rating means you'll save on bills too.

3. Zanussi ZWH6140P

Price: £258.99Zanussi ZWH6140P

Footprint: 500x600x850mm

Capacity: 7kg

Spin speed: 1400rpm

Energy efficiency: A

Wash performance: A

Programmes: 15

Notable features of this Zanussi washing machine are its easy-iron setting that reduces risk of permanent creases in synthetic clothing, and its eco-friendly, 30-minute setting, for lightly soiled loads. Additional features include an anti-flood device that detects leaks, a timer delay function and adjustable temperature control.

4. Hotpoint WMUD823P

Hotpoint WMUD823PPrice: £329.99

Footprint: 605x595x850mm

Capacity: 8kg

Spin speed: 1200rpm

Energy efficiency: A+++

Wash performance: A

Programmes: 16

Although a slightly larger initial investment, the Hotpoint WMUD823P's incredible efficiency rating will save you money on bills for years to come. Its large capacity is ideal for families, and has a specially designed anti-stain cycle, which tackles even the toughest stains, such as red wine and grass stains.

So there you have it-the four best value washing machines on the market. Now you're just a few clicks away from a cleaner future!

If you have any questions, please ask below!