Reasons to Use a Vegetable Purifier at Home

dedewfwFood is one of the basic elements vital for human survival. A source of energy and nutrition, fruits and vegetables are an important part of our diet as these contain a lot of minerals and enzymes which help fight against diseases. However, an important question here is – are the fruits and vegetables we consume really safe?

Reports suggest that there is a widespread use of adulterants in the form of chemicals, colors and stimulators to quickly ripen fruits and vegetables, make them look better, and last long. Whereas ethylene gas generating carbide is popularly used to ripen bananas in a shorter time-span, green vegetables are exposed to copper sulphate water to make them greener. Similarly, certain fruits and vegetables are coated with a film of oil or wax to make them appear shinier. The use of colors, edible or otherwise, by injecting them directly into the fruit/vegetable concerned, has also made it to the news.

Such practices have been carried for quite some time now, and are known to pose health risks to humans and animals. Besides, these are not ‘all that is wrong’ with the food that you believe is healthy to consume.

Pesticides and their Effects on Human Health

Primarily used to keep pests away from the crop/produce, pesticides do more harm than good. Pesticides leave residues either on or within the fruits and vegetables, which are in turn consumed by humans and animals. Pesticides are toxic in nature and their accumulation in the water, soil or within any organism could pose serious risk to both the environment and the living beings.

Pesticide exposure can result in a wide variety of health issues beginning from dizziness and abdominal pain to cancer, and also cause birth defects in newborns. Exposure to pesticides could take place through direct consumption of pesticide laden food items or through inhalation. Some of the other risks that these chemicals pose to human health are: –

Acute effects – These include dizziness, vomiting, irritation of the skin and eye

Neurological diseases – Pesticides may also lead to Parkinson’s disease, dementia

Reproductive issues – Birth defects, death of the fetus

Cancer – Leukemia, lymphoma, cancer of the skin, brain, kidney, breast, liver, lungs etc.

The Importance of Vegetable Purifiers

A good old practice in maximum homes is of washing the fruits and vegetables before consumption. While doing so cleans the dust particles and physical impurities from the vegetables and fruits, the chemicals that have seeped into the fruits and veggies, are not removed. Many might suggest boiling to be the next best option, which it is, but in a very limited way. Not every fruit and vegetable can be boiled before use. Likewise, not every impurity can be warded off through boiling. Besides, when you boil the vegetables, some of the necessary nutrients too are lost.

So what’s the option?

A vegetable purifier, although relatively unheard of, is an essential appliance. Kent offers vegetable purifiers which bring into use the ozone disinfection technology to remove harmful chemicals as well as microbes.

What does it do?

Once you have the fruits or vegetables in a bowl full of water, place the open pipe of the Kent vegetable purifier into the bowl.

The ozone disinfection technology used in this vegetable purifier involves releasing the ozone gas which oxidizes any insecticide, pesticide, or adulterating chemical that may be present within the fruits and vegetables. Some of the other remarkable features of using this appliance are:

  • Removes any trace of hormones and antibodies that are present in fish or meat
  • Retains the necessary nutrients within the food item
  • Keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh by de-odorizing them
  • Removes any color on a vegetable’s outer surface

So while you should certainly use a vegetable purifier to ensure complete freshness and purity of fruits and vegetables, you also need to consider the following steps to ensure the health of your family:

  • Avoid buying imported food items
  • Go for organically grown fruits and vegetables over the conventionally grown
  • Clean them before you consume

You pay your hard earned money to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables for yourself and your loved ones, make sure you have them that way with the regular use of a Kent vegetable purifier.


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