Preventive Measures That Help You Secure Your Family

Since the early era of mankind’s birth, he was concerned about keeping himself and his family secure firstly from animals and then from intrusions by other human beings. At first, they used animals and traps to protect themselves from invasions and intrusions and light weapons for defense. This paved way for people or a group of people who specialize in making weapons and other preventive measures that help people to keep their belongings and homes secure. The process evolved over time and we have automated security measures and devices for homes and belongings. In the current era, there has been a change in the state-wise occurrences of such events is less but devastating. To avoid such events here is a little something that you can do to secure yourself and your family while staying on a budget.

Ensure Your Dead Bolts Are Pick-Proof:

This is one of the easiest things to be picked even by an amateur thief. Try installing locks and place them firmly to avoid getting your door opened. Install them and slide the lock making the deadbolt unable to turn.

Reinforce Strike Plates Of Your Entrance Doors:

Secure the doors on your entrance with a strike plate and long screws to give it extra strength, enough to act up in case the intruder tries to open the door by kicking it. If you had your deadbolts installed during the past 10 years, there is a high chance that you already have this security with you. To make sure you have this, you can easily check it out by removing the strike plates. There is no need to worry about anything if it is made of heavy steel having a 3-inch screw or has a heavy enforcing plate. Else, get yourself a strike plate by a hardware. If you want to install this yourself, remove the old ones, then by placing the new one in place and make a deep cut around that. Make some space for the new plate and then place it with the help of 3-inch screws driven through the holes that are already there.

Have A Careful Look At The Patio Doors:

Patio doors are another easy pick. You can secure than by placing a stick in the door that will prevent intrusion from that position and will close the door. Other methods such as fastening foot locks at the bottom of the door and using locks that are attached at the top of the door are highly useful. The whole installation process won’t take longer than 10 minutes. Screw the bracket that has the pin of the door, then drill and insert the grommets into the track so that the pin can slide in.

Install Low-Cost Door And Window Alarms:

Locking your doors and windows might become the first layer of protection for your home. Other measures like wireless alarms and other devices and gadgets become your secondary layer. A slight noise or alarm can get a burglar a need to run. Add an alarm to the door or your window, when the door opens, the magnetic contact strips breaks and the alarm sounds alerting the homeowner to respond.

Don’t Forget The Wooden Garage Entrance Doors:

The center penal on your old wooden door tends to be quite weak and can easily come down by a few attempts, making them a hotspot for intruders to help you get in. Deadbolts would support the door to stand firm for a while but add half-inch plywood panel placed carefully in bar-holder brackets would help to secure the door and avoid break-ins.

Get Yourself A Small Safe:

There is no need to have a heavy safe and waste a lot of money and secure your stuff when you can get the same security by a safe that is smaller in size and won’t cost you much. Make sure that it is fastened to the floor or against a wall to avoid the safe itself to get stolen. After the installation of the safe, you can add up a biometric opening system or any other security layer to it. Also, you can make it more secure by hiding it in a concealed space or inside a wall.

Use FishEye Or A Concealed Hole On Your Door:

Know who’s is there outside your home. You can install a fisheye or any other peephole. Don’t make it too tiny as it might not be able to give you a distorted or allow the individual at the other end of the door enough space to hide. Insist on revealing their IDs before letting them in, else inform the local authorities about any suspicious outside your house.

Get and Install Motion Sensor Lights:

An automated home security center can help you but you can also keep all your driveways, pathways and the entrance doors and entrances well lit. Add up motion sensors on the external part of your house. Use multiple lights on timers inside the house and teeter when they turn on and off so that your house seems to be occupied. This is a great practice if you’re traveling and for nights when you have occupied office and have to sit late in the evenings.

Break-ins and other threats might pose a low-level threat to you, but it is always wise to be prepared and stay safe. Home Security Appliances help you minimize the risk of thievery, break-ins to a great extent. In the current era, this comes with a dire need to secure oneself, the assets and family from any external threat. Safeguard your property and your family by automating your home security. To combat such threats there is also a need to keep a check in elements and happenings around you and learn techniques of self-defense or learn to use a weapon in case the level of threat increases. Stay Safe and keep your family safe and equip yourself with the highly affordable and smart appliances that can help you combat such threats.

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