Must-have Fireplace Accessories

modern-fireplace-accessoriesWinter is here and fireplaces in all homes are all set to have the first fire of the season. Just like every fireplace needs a proper maintenance plan to function well, the right accessories can extend its usefulness to a great degree.

Fireplace add-ons are good investments to accentuate the environment of your home while maintaining safety. Additionally, quality accessories can make your fireplace look brand new. So you need to make sure that your fireplace is stocked with the right accessories before you light it up this winter.

With a wide range of fireplace accessories available, it becomes quite tempting to grab as many as you come across. But you need to understand that the requirements are different for every household. You would need to keep those in mind while shopping for your household’s fireplace accessories.

Following is a list of useful fireplace accessories that you can make your selection from.

Fireplace Door

Fireplace doors do not only add to the elegance of the fireplace, but also prevents accidents. If you have pets or children at your home, then adding a fireplace door should be at the top of your list. A fireplace door keeps the sparks contained and also hides the mess of the last fire when the fireplace is not in use.

In addition to maintaining safety, a fireplace door has another important use. When the fire dies out after heating up your room and you decide to retire for the night, the open fireplace can actually reverse the entire heating process by allowing a backdraft. This happens when cold air from outside rushes in through the chimney and the fireplace into your room. You can think of it like an open window. A fireplace door would stop this. All you need to do is close the door before leaving the room and the heat will stay intact.

If you own a masonry or a prefabricated fireplace, a tempered glass door would be the right option for you because it is heat-resistant. However, for a fireplace insert or a woodstove, you can go for ceramic glass doors.

Fireplace Screen

For a wood-burning fireplace, it is quite likely that a log of burning wood can roll onto the floor causing a fire hazard. This is where a well-placed and properly fitted fireplace screen comes in handy. It can also prevent flaming cinders from flying into your home. Additionally, the ashes from the burning wood can easily clutter up your room by expelling ashes and dirty air into the room. A fireplace screen helps in keeping this under control.

Apart from that, a fireplace screen also adds a decorative element to your house. You would find beautiful fireplace screens made of different materials for various purposes. A coloured glass screen will give you a tinted glow, whereas a metal one with woven designs will create an image when the light shines through.

Tool Set

A set of fireplace tools is absolutely necessary to keep your fire going. Following are a few of the tools that a set comprise:

  • Poker: A poker is used to stir up the fire by prodding and poking at the charcoal or kindling.
  • Tongs: These help you to re-position any log that has strayed from the fire. Make sure that these are long enough so that you do not burn yourself in the act.
  • Brush/Broom: This is used to sweep ash that has streamed into the room back into the fireplace. The bristles of these brushes are made of a heat-resistant material to prevent them from melting as they come in close proximity to the flame.
  • Shovel: This is used to scoop up ash.

While shopping for a fireplace tool set, you can also throw in handheld bellows in the mix. You can blow air into the fireplace with these to revive a dying fire.

Log Holder

You would require a supply of firewood to keep the fire burning. Piling the wood up on the floor will only mess up the space. A log holder is the best alternative. These do not cost much unless you are looking for an ornamental one. A cheap basket or a simple rack can do the trick. These come in various sizes and materials to accommodate the quantity of wood you would like to store.


Andirons are horizontal iron bars that keep the burning firewood in place. These provide an additional support to the logs. Andirons come in smart and rustic designs that can enhance your home décor.

Along with getting the right accessories for your fireplace maintenance, it is also important to get your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep to prevent any possibility of a faulty fireplace.


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