Luxury Chandeliers-Swarovski Chandeliers for Home Decor

Swarovski chandeliers add a glamorous and elegant touch to any decor. The chandeliers are often round with crystals shaped in tear drops diamonds, balls and beads. The more contemporary crystal chandeliers resemble crystal icicles, waterfalls, swirls and other alluring shapes manufactured from iron wood, gold or chrome. They brighten up the room with their light reflecting facets and are quite bedazzling.

Swarovski chandeliers

Swarovski saw its inception in 1865 and today manufacture the most popular crystals in the world. The SS insignia on the Swarovski crystal stands for Swarovski Strass. The crystals are commonly known as Austrian crystal and they contain led that makes them even more luminescent. The lead is inside the crystals and therefore not harmful to human beings. The vintage crystal variety contains colored or clear lead for the maximum shine.

Choosing a crystal chandelier can be a difficult decision. The many factors you need to consider include chandelier size, type of crystals and color options. After you have bought the perfect chandelier how do you maintain it? Here is some advice on how to choose your chandelier and it has tips for maintaining it as well.

Types of Chandeliers – When you plan to buy a chandelier, one of the many decisions you have to make is what kind of crystal glass you want. Crystal glasses come in a wide range of styles and cuts. Choose from the list below which crystal cut you want.

Swarovski Spectra Crystal – Swarovski is the world leader in crystal production. Swarovski & Co, who are the makers of Swarovski Elements have created a new alternative quality crystal. This brilliant crystal is an amalgam of old world knowledge and advanced technology. This connoisseur crystal has precision cutting and superior light reflection. It has demanding quality and is available at an affordable price.

Swarovski Elements Crystal – is considered the finest crystal in the world. It is optically pure , free of flaws and unique in purity. It is born of an exercise in technical perfection. It meets all the standards of excellence. It is original, flawless and brilliant containing lead oxide in excess of 33%. it is made in Austria and all the facets are immaculately polished by special machines to maintain optical purity and consistency. An innovative invisible coating at the end makes the crystal easy to clean. It is available in clear, and can be specially ordered in a rich array of colors.

Swarovski Elements Silver Shade – This new silver shade crystal is inspired by fashion. The subtle , faintly iridescent color makes for a new crystal chic. From traditional to contemporary it suits every decor. The Swarovski Elements emblem is carried by the Silver Shade Crystal and is a guarantee of optical pure quality.

Swarovski Elements Golden teak - This particular crystal is color coated to give warmth and elegance. The Swarovski Elements signature is on every piece, and it guarantees optical purity, quality and value which are exclusive to Swarovski Elements. Its rich golden color is deep and inspiring to any decor.


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