Is SharkFLEX DuoClean Vacuum Cleaner a Good Option for your Home?

In today’s day and age, homes have different types of floors and other surfaces such as window coverings, sofas, and chairs that all collect debris and dust. In addition, there are also a lot of homeowners that have pets which tend to shed their dander and hair all over the house. As a result, cleaning jobs became harder especially if you’re only using a broom and a mop.

Fortunately, vacuum cleaners came into existence. This efficient sucking equipment makes cleaning a bit easier and faster. However, the main drawback of this tool especially the traditional ones is that they are bulky and heavy. For that reason, moving it into tight spaces is very difficult.

But since we are living in a modern world wherein technology is very dominant and powerful, different types of vacuum cleaner from handheld, canister, and upright to bagged and bagless became accessible. These types, on the other hand, eliminate the need for bulky and large vacuum cleaners and make cleaning even easier compared before.

Nevertheless, with so many options choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home become more challenging and confusing. So to help you, in this article, we will be reviewing one best lightweight vacuum cleaner which is the SharkFLEX DuoClean.

Let’s get started and find out if this vacuum cleaner is a good option for your home.

SharkFLEX DuoClean: Is it a good option for your home or not?

SharkFLEX DuoClean is a lightweight and corded vacuum cleaner that can be utilized in various configurations. This vacuum cleaner allows its users to use it in full upright mode, handheld mode, and different FLX modes in order to reach any area of their homes.

A sharkFLEX, on the other hand, is ideal for homeowners with pets as well as to those who have a variety of surfaces. However, this vacuum cleaner is not suitable for homes with thicker carpets because it is not capable of pulling dust from the lowest point of carpet fibers due to its limited power and weight.

Features of SharkFLEX DuoClean

  • Lightweight Design

This vacuum cleaner only weighs 10 pounds which means you can move it to one place to another with ease.

  • LED Lights

The SharkFLEX DuoClean comes with LED lights which is helpful in cleaning areas like under chairs and beds where removing dust is difficult.

  • Anti-Allergen Filtration Design

This lightweight vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filtration system that is capable of capturing 99 percent of damaging allergens such as pollen particles, dander, pet hair, and dust. And this the main reason why SharkFLEX perfect for homeowners with pets.

  • Noise Reduction Technology

This vacuum cleaner will clean your entire home without making any noise but they are not considered as an ultra-quiet unit.

  • DuoClean Cleaning Head

It features a DuoClean Cleaning heading which is a combination of a bristle brush and a soft roller bar. These two can counter rotate and work together in order to pull dirt from any surface and provide an effective and outstanding cleaning performance. Also, the soft roller works amazing on small or large particles of dirt. With a huge opening on the cleaning head, this prevents any dirt from plowing forward.

Other Features

  • Comes with 30 feet power cord
  • MultiFLEX Technology
  • Cleaning Wand for converting the unit into a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Narrow design that is perfect for cleaning and reaching narrow areas and spaces.
  • Washable air filters


  • Excellent warranty
  • Features a multi-flex technology that allows it to free stand and can be stored in very tight spaces
  • Helps clean really tight areas under furniture and appliances with it’s under appliance wand.
  • Features a pet turbo brush that is effective in sucking up pet hair on stairs or fabric holster
  • Has a HEPA filtration system allowing people with allergies to use it without worries
  • Features a headlight that helps track dirt
  • Its DuoClean head provides excellent cleaning to several surfaces like carpet, hardwood, and


  • It has a small dust cap making it time-consuming to clean larger areas
  • The design is heavy putting a strain on your wrist when cleaning high areas
  • It has a cord


Now that you already know the different features of SharkFLEX DuoClean, it is now also the right time for you to decide if this vacuum cleaner will help you to clean your home easily and effectively.

If you have any questions, please ask below!