How to Use a Plumbing Snake

shutterstock_72067474Every home and building that has plumbing cannot avoid clogged drains. These are just a normal occurrence in the majority of cases. Of course, offices may not have as many issues with clogged drains as homes, but they do still happen from time to time and you need to know the best ways to unclog a drain or you may find yourself in more trouble and water all over the place. The best tool for the job is a plumbing snake. But, you should learn how to use the snake properly in order to actually unclog your drain.

The main problem with using a snake or auger is that it can damage your plumbing system if you do not use it properly. We are providing you with the information so you can learn to use this essential tool in the proper manner below.

The very first thing you should learn is when you should not use a snake. There are a few times when you should never use a snake as it can do more damage to your system. If you live in an older home, more than likely you have galvanized pipes. The problem with these pipes is that they are created from a material that may flake off and they are also weaker than other pipes. Both of these reasons are why you should never use a snake on these types of pipes. The way the snake moves in the drain can actually break weak pipes or cause them to flake off which can do more damage than just a clog. If you have galvanized pipes and are experience several clogs, it might be time to invest in new pipes.

If you used a drain cleaner and the clog is still present, do not use an auger. The toxins can accidentally be splashed out of the drain and cause you to end up with a chemical burn. Of course it is best to never use a drain cleaner as they often cause more damage than good.

When you know you can safely use an auger, it is best to wear rubber gloves and place old towels on the floor so you will have such a huge mess to clean up afterwards. You can now slowly feed the auger into the drain. As you go, turn the crank slowly and when it gets hard to turn you can reverse the crank. Do not force the auger, but try to pull out the clog. Repeat as necessary and once the clog is gone, run clear water into the drain.

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