How to Extend the Lifespan of Your PTAC Unit

PTAC systems are becoming very popular choices for people looking for efficient climate control.

These units are also long-lasting and require relatively less maintenance compared to traditional HVAC units. However, they still need maintenance and this can go a long way in extending the life of your PTAC unit even further.

Here are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep a Maintenance Log

Keeping an up to date maintenance log for your PTAC unit may seem like a simple mundane activity.

But it can help you massively when you’re trying to troubleshoot the system. You’ll also be able to know what kind of repairs your system needs over time.

  • Clean the Filters Properly

Just like with any HVAC system, keeping the air filters clean is very important. This always seems like one of those maintenance tips anyone should be aware of. But you would be surprised just how many people ignore the filters until it’s too late.

When the filter becomes clogged and full of debris, it reduces the efficiency of the entire PTAC system. This then increases the risk of possible damage substantially.

  • Plug in the Power Cords Correctly

PTAC systems don’t have a lot of wiring so there will be a few power chords and plugs to deal with.

But you still need to ensure they are plugged in correctly. Always use the right voltage outlets when plugging your system.

Additionally, ensure any loose chords are tightened. Loose plugs are potential fire risks and may damage your entire PTAC system if not addressed.

  • Always Make Sure the Features Work

PTAC systems have several features and they must all work together to deliver the ultimate experience for you.

If any of these features fail to work as usual, then the integrity of the entire system will be compromised. For this reason, assess all the features of your PTAC system during maintenance and ensure they are working as expected.

  • Inspect Air Leaks and Clean the Coils

It’s also important to inspect the area where the unit seals against the wall to ensure that there are no air leaks.

Coils, just like air filters, need to be cleaned regularly. This won’t only enhance the efficiency of your PTAC system but it will massively improve indoor air quality in your house.

  • Keep the Outside of the Unit Clean

Cleaning is the easiest form of HVAC maintenance. And we aren’t telling you to open up the unit and clean it inside.

Even cleaning the exterior with a dry cloth can help maintain the efficiency of the system. If you can, try to remove the cover and clean it inside.

But in case you have never done this before you can talk to an HVAC maintenance expert to help you out.

Either way, a clean PTAC system is always efficient and may experience less damage compared to dirty HVAC units.

If you have any questions, please ask below!