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How to Become More Energy Efficient

energy-efficiencyEnergy efficiency is something of a buzz phrase that is doing the rounds at an astounding pace at the moment. With the double dip recession still a marked blot in our past and the threat of environmental damage more real than ever, energy efficiency is viewed as the knight in shining armour here to solve all of our problems. Simple energy efficient steps can really make a difference and cut both costs and environmental damage. Here are seven of the best simple steps to take.

LED Bulbs

The average LED bulb is more than 8 times as energy efficient as its halogen counterpart. This difference can signify far lower monthly costs and lessen the damage done to the environment. LED bulbs are getting cheaper and cheaper as the technology improves making them even more desirable to those looking to cut costs.

Save Water

Water is a natural commodity and yet it can be incredibly expensive. Catching and storing rainfall can help save water consumption when used for jobs such as water plants. In many small households, drum containers are used to store gathered rainwater. Most Australians in general has involved in this kind of strategy, where they use rainwater tanks for storage, tank suppliers like Supatank Australia helps educate the people as to proper application and maintenance.

Use Standby Mode

It may seem like a miniscule aid, but using standby mode on appliances instead of turning them off every time can save significant amounts of money and energy. Small savings can soon turn into large savings.

Get an Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate can help you decide where your property is wasting money and how this can be rectified. A surveyor can carry out the Energy Performance Certificate and signify the main culprits for your energy consumption. The surveyor can then offer advice such as the installation of insulation to rectify these problems.

Invest in a New Boiler

New boilers can be expensive but the long term savings accrued by a fully functional boiler can be significant. This is a long-term investment that is designed to make great savings over a several years.

Ignore the Dryer and the Dishwasher

These modern conveniences may seem to be a necessity in the life of many people in the 21st century but they are mere privileges. Quality of life will not greatly suffer if you were to hang your clothes out to dry. If you live in colder climes, heated clothes racks can be bought that are more energy efficient than dryers.

Shop Around

Don't be afraid to contact energy suppliers and barter for a better deal. Compile information from all the suppliers to attain an educated impression. Use the information to barter with rival companies to secure yourself the best possible deal.

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