Household Items You Never Knew You Can Clean in a Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a kitchen appliance, rapidly increasing in popularity amongst the households. It’s quite convenient and does a lot of job with cleaning your kitchenware quick and easy. All you need to do is just load it, turn it on, and from time to time, maintain it, according to the designated procedures.

Did you actually know, that dishes and cutlery are far from the most extraordinary items you can clean in a dishwasher? Below you can see a surprisingly convenient list of objects, that are durable enough for your dishwasher power and will most certainly come out as clean as you could never do it, using conventional measures.

Mop Covers

They can get quite soggy and smelly with time and if you shower them, they usually resume to their dirty stance quite fast. You can use the washing machine, too, but why risk its proper functions? Place them in the dishwasher and save yourselves the trouble of washing machine repairing later.


If you happen to live without a microwave, you can easily clean the kitchen sponges by tossing them right inside the dishwasher. The bacteria and food leftovers will die out, thanks to the spinning waves of the trustworthy appliance.

Plastic child toys (or practically, any kind of plastic toys)

Your children and pets perhaps enjoy playing around with numerous toys, scattered around the dirty floor. They need immaculate cleaning, especially if both parties tend to mix their toys a lot. Make sure they have a good bath in the dishwasher at the highest rack, so that they remain intact.


Did you know, there’s an easy way to remove the built-up hardwater from your showerhead? Once in every three months is perfectly enough to place it in the dishwasher and give it a good clean. That will make all nasty formations unstuck.

Other Kitchen Appliances

The dishwasher is such a great persona, that it can clean the most troublesome parts of your other kitchen appliances without any pressure. Let’s start with:

The Fridge Shelves

They can withstand the pressure in the dishwasher. Plus, they tend to get quite dirty, in case you accidentally spill some food inside. If you forget it, a smelly situation arises, which can easily be averted.

The Oven Grill Fans and Control Knobs

That’s true! I’ve personally learnt this tip from professional oven cleaners around my home city of London. The oven grill fans are, by my humble domestic cleaning experience, the most stubborn part of the cooker. Control knobs also get quite often ignored by the regular hostess. A dishwasher can do this dirty job for you without complaining.

Make-up Accessories

Under this category fall all kinds of items such as facial brushes or make-up brushes. You can sanitise them every month in the dishwasher, if the brush can easily be removed. Before using them again, make sure they are dry enough. Accessories, such as hairbrushes, hair bands, tweezers or nail clippers aren’t actually a part of the make-up family, more likely they provide assistance in your make-up endeavours. Inadvertently, you can clean them all in the dishwasher. Make sure they do not fall out by placing them in a holder.

Your Keys

One of the most used household items, and, probably, one of the dirtiest, too. Shine them by tossing them in the dishwasher once every month.

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