Home Automation Technology is Transforming the Traditional Home

Many people can remember the times of yesteryear when shows were predicting the technology of the future. People being able to control their devices with voice activation and by touching commands on phone or watch devices were merely a fantasy. It's good to see how the creativity from movies like Star Trek and Back To The Future has inspired both businesses and consumers with innovating their homes using automation technology. There are several Australian companies that are equally excited about the continuing wave of interest in home automation systems and the whole concept of smart homes. Additionally, the automation devices and tools that were initially expensive are coming down in price, making automation available to a larger market. We take a look at some innovative ways people are making use of automation devices within their home.


Before you get started

Your Wi-Fi router will be at the heart of your automation system. You will need to ensure that you invest in a good router that will maintain a strong signal in all areas of your home. This will allow all of your smart devices to communicate successfully and that when you send the commands, it will occur instantly.

Devices you can leverage

The great thing about today's technology is that you can control the automation of your home by using a smart device. Should you own a smartphone like an iPhone, or tablet, you can use the device as your control centre to manage your home. Your smart device will become your ‘universal remote' to use, even when you are on the go!



There's a wide range of features that homeowners can take advantage of when it comes to leveraging the security benefits of home automation. Homeowners can secure their locks and have an increased oversight in monitoring who enters the home via security cameras and personalised smart lock codes. Additionally, lighting controls can be set to provide the impression of someone being home.


Create an impactful ambience by automating the audio options for your home. Turn your home into a theatre or club environment with the press of a button.


Improve the visual aesthetics of your home by controlling your home's lighting. Change the mood setting, use it for security or use it to save energy. All of these options are available from the use of your mobile device.


With your smart device, you can control your smart television as a remote control. Additionally, you can configure the television to integrate with desktops and laptops, storage drives, the World Wide Web and web storage clouds. These functions allow your devices to access more information and to customise the use of your television device for entertainment and beyond!


Climate control

Do you wish you could enter your home in comfort at the right climate? Whether you are finishing work after a long hot summers day and you want to come into a refreshing environment, or you want to beat the winter blues and come home to a nice, warm and toasty home. You can create these environments by managing settings from your mobile device. You can better manage the settings to avoid extra energy bills, as well as the discomfort. Should you have shades installed, you can automate them to open or close as per your request.


If you fancy having your plants and garden watered at regular times during the day or in your working week; you can configure your home sprinklers to be automated as well and give your garden the perfect treatment that it deserves.

Things to consider before you go ahead

You will need to consult with an expert about the modification permissions that you would like for your home. Find out about any building permissions or restrictions that you may have with your building or council.

There is a lot of potential for homeowners to turn their home into an innovative one for the future. Look into the automation options available for your home.

If you have any questions, please ask below!