Home Appliances Care and Maintenance Tips

kitchen-appliancesHome appliances are undeniably a necessary convenience most people are unwilling to live without and with good reason. Life is often chaotic enough without penciling in a weekly trip to the local laundry mat or swinging by a coffee shop every morning on the way to work. Unfortunately, the appliances people depend are apt to break down if they are not properly maintained, the results costly repairs and related expenses along with lost time. The good news is people can avoid the headache by taking steps to take care of their home appliances, regular maintenance critical to that endeavor. Following are a few tips on how to maintain and extend the life of the appliance so many depend on.

Washing Machine Care

Perhaps the most important tip is never overload a washing machine. Take the time to put in smaller loads, large loads leading to a quick death for this appliance. In addition, avoid washing rubber mats as this often leads to deteriorating rubber clogging the washing machine's water lines and drain. Finally, check the hoses regularly. Hoses quite commonly form easy to detect bubble prior to bursting, a lot of time and money saved by checking and replacing faulty hoses.


Dryers are not difficult to maintain, simple habits often leading to a very long life for the appliance. That often begins with cleaning out the lint trap before use and ensuring the vent line is clear of lint on a regular basis. Lint build-up can lead to countless problems - including fires. Just as with a washer, do not overload a dry as this causes poor air circulation. Loads that are too small often lead to the same problem and longer drying times.


Dishwashers are a time-saver few are willing to go without for long. However, if they are not properly maintained they become a drain on the bank account. Fortunately, taking steps to protect a washing machine can prevent damage, the first step to understand hard water breaks dishwashers down. As such, a water softener is a wise investment. Beyond that, be sure to scrape food off plates, food particles detrimental to dishwasher. At the same time, do not wash dishes before placing dishes in the dish washer or a film will build from unused detergent.


Stove and ovens require a great deal of daily and regular maintenance, but doing so reduces repair bills and ensures quality meals. One thing to keep in mind is the general care of drip pans. The best advice is to clean drip pans up as messes occur, soaking them in hot water and using elbow grease to remove tougher messes. Avoid using oven cleaner or ammonia on drip pans for health reasons. Likewise, using aluminum foil is ill-advised due to fires, short circuits, and other issues. As for ovens, the handy self-clean feature is one people should avoid because of toxic fumes and damage to internal parts due to extreme heat.


Regular maintenance on a refrigerator saves money in the way of food and repairs. People should regularly clean the condenser of pet hair and lint or risk restricting air flow and overheating compressors. Just a few minutes a day performing simple maintenance on refrigerators and other household appliance can save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Vince Bradley is a kitchen appliance technician. He is specializing in stove and refrigerator repair. He likes to write and give advise about how to maintain kitchen appliance in good condition and also how to repair a broken home appliance. He is works for a ABCAuthorizedRepair in Studio City, CA.

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