High-Tech Camping Accessories

campingWhen it comes to camping, there are always companies trying to sell you high-tech gadgets that you may not actually need. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on something you will only use once, consider some of the high-tech camping gadgets that can help you save time, stress, and money. With these seven pieces of camping gadgetry, you will be camping in the future of the great outdoors.
Everyone needs a shower while campingAs long as Americans have loved camping, there has been preference toward perfecting the outdoor shower. There is always a chance that you will find a friendly stream, but few are secluded enough for bathing purposes. Worse, it is cold outside and the water you use is colder than the air surrounding it. Solving this problem is the pressure shower. Several models are available currently, but most to use gravity. New on the market, pressure camping showers that include a foot pump and heating element will remind you of taking a shower at home.

Giving some juice to your smartphone

When you are out in the woods, there are usually few chances for you to plug in your phone and recharge it. Over the past few years, there have been several battery operated and solar re-charger models produced for camping. Regardless, a product that combines a flashlight, emergency radio, AC adapter, and USB charger with a hand turbine is the high-tech camping product most consumers will reach for.

How to send a camping distress signal

Going camping usually means being out in the middle of nowhere. Although it is unlikely to happen, having a backup method for getting in touch with the authorities could save your life. Thankfully, the latest technology for camping has an option for when your cell phone tower is too far away. A GPS messenger allows friends and family to coordinate your location with online maps. These models also have SOS distress signals to alert family and rescue teams.

A high-tech place to sit outside

When you have been walking all day or climbing the side of a mountain, you want to have a nice place to sit down that is not dirt. For relaxing next to the campfire without lugging around a bulky chair, your best option is to go high-tech. Like other outdoor gear, camping chairs have taken on characteristics that can only be found in spaceships. In addition to being lightweight, chairs that verge on being gadgets usually weigh around 1 pound, are collapsible and have a two-legged rocker design.

Getting a good night's sleep under the stars

For some people, camping is unbearable without their insulated airbed. However, the main issue with this type of camping gear is having to blow air into it. After a long day, you can give your lungs a rest with a hand-pump airbed. Newer models have an attached hand-pump that blows up the pad. On the other hand, some camping hand pumps for inflatable beds that are sold separately are also taking on sophisticated and high-tech designs.

High-tech camping gourmet caffeine

Camping coffee can be fairly hit or miss, and the usual option is instant. If you are tired of sacrificing the perfect cup of coffee for your camping weekend, there is a new gadget that you will need for your next adventure. You are still required to boil hot water, but a handheld espresso maker will do the rest of the work for you.

Never break your phone in the woods

Smartphone users tended to walk on eggshells in order to keep their phones from breaking. When you are out in the woods and the weather is terrible, it can become a real hassle to try and use your phone. Plus, if you are involved in strenuous activities such as whitewater rafting or rock climbing, protecting your phone can seem like an impossibility. However, high-tech comes to the rescue with waterproof hard cases for smartphones. Taking it to the next level, you can also use some types of waterproof hard cases to take photographs and recharge your phone.

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