Does Your Home Reflect How Smart You Are?

fregetgtwgWhat? Are you curious to find out whether your home somehow echoes your level of intelligence? Really? Okay, seriously, depending on how informed you are, and your connections, your home can be a very convenient place to be in, or it can be a lot of work to live in. There are people who can’t wait to get home, and there are those who would look for any excuse not to get home just yet. Which one are you? To determine where you fall, read on.

Making Work Easy

Some people live in apartments, with not much in them, whereas others live in mansions with servants for almost anything – even lifting their legs. If you live in an apartment with various home appliances, a smartphone included, but you do all of your chores by yourself, and also operate all the appliances you have personally, that may not be so smart. Conversely, if you live in a mansion, actually, especially if you live in a mansion, and you have servants for almost any task known to man, you may be really wealthy, but you may not be well informed. That’s because, thanks to the advancement in technology since the 1900s, there are better ways of making things a lot easier at home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, say, you left your food in the microwave when you left your home a few hours earlier, and then found it warm and ready for you to eat when you come back? Or if you could set your decoder or whatever TV console, to record your favorite show for you without necessarily having someone at home to make it do so? Or perhaps if you could adjust your thermostat from any room in your house. The main idea here is that there’s technology that’ll enable you to control most, if not all of your home appliances from any location within your home, and even better, from anywhere in the world.

I gave the impression earlier, that one’s home can determine how smart one is, and it’s true. You see, those who have the knowledge that these things can be done are the ones who go to the extent of finding out more about this technology and implementing it where they feel it would be beneficial. Conversely, those who lack this knowledge, are not necessarily stupid – and I’m not calling anyone stupid – but are just not well informed. If you are reading this article and you didn’t have this knowledge prior, well, now you know. Considering that we are at this moment on the same page, how exactly does it work? What does it take to make your home just as smart as you?

Here’s How

If you’re thinking of becoming an architect, that’s not it. If you’re thinking of becoming some high tech specialist in home appliances, that’s not it. It’s actually as simple as using your smartphone, and Wi-Fi. Whoever gave smartphones their name really nailed it, because these phones are indeed smart. They have considerably revolutionized the way a lot of things are done, and they have also made it considerably simple to perform some tasks. I mean, there are apps for almost anything you’d like to do. One of the areas that apps really come in handy is in home automation. Using your smartphone, Wi-Fi, and additional accessories, you can control almost any electrical device at home from any location on earth with internet connectivity.

Ever heard of Google Assistant or IFTTT? These are just some of the technologies available to facilitate making your home as smart as you. It’s a lot of work doing everything at home. Wouldn’t it be nice if some things could just take care of themselves, so that you can focus on the things you really want to do? Like sleeping peacefully at night without having to wake up and go to wherever the thermostat is, with all the hustle you’ll have to deal with to attain this simple task? With IFTTT (If This Then That) you can set up conditional statements called Applets, which can be triggered when the set conditions are met. It’s a free web-based service that you can use to control home electrical appliances that have access to the internet. Would you like to read more?

Google Assistant is exactly what it sounds like, a digital assistant by Google. It’s smart, perhaps too smart – you decide – that you can converse with it, and you can use it with smartphones. You can schedule calendar events, change hardware settings of your devices, Google, and more. Furthermore, there are accessories called Wi-Fi plugs that you can add as part of your Wi-Fi, to add functionality; enable more devices to connect to and be controlled through your Wi-Fi. These accessories are what enable you to control most electrical home appliances from any location on earth with internet connectivity. Now, combine your smartphone, IFTT, Google Assistant, and Wi-Fi plugs together, and you have a beautiful and functional network of your electrical home appliances that you can control from anywhere on the planet.

And this is just the tip of the ice-bag. Automating your home is a whole science in itself. There are houses that are fully automated. We are talking the locks, air conditioning, cooking, sprinklers, lighting, cleaning, exercising, whatever. If it has or can have electricity running through it, it probably can be automated. I’ve just highlighted what you can do for now, but if you want to get serious, you’ll obviously have to invest more. Domotics or home automation is not a technology that was introduced yesterday. It’s been around for over a century now, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s definitely our future. Remember the Jetsons? We are not heading there, we are there. Now that you are smarter, it’s time you made your home reflect your smartness.

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