Choosing the Right Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

If you want to enjoy the ultimate weather-defying comfort by transforming your household atmosphere by installing an integrated cooling and heating machine where your kids can play the wii tennis in your living room or you can enjoy the warmth of bed during the chilly night, you must consider certain facts about ac installation. Since the ducted ac installation involves several matters such as cost, effort and disruption, you need to take the decision of purchasing air conditioning system quite wisely.

Considering the Cooling and Heating System

Before you invest your thousands of dollars to install air conditioning system or spend several dollars more to run it properly, you need to make decision about the cooling and heating system as per the condition of the climate you live in. if you decide about central system, you have options to choose cooling-only or heating-only system. However, for central system, you must choose the proper size and design of the model based on your household parameters.

split system

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

If you want to install a system that can serve both the options like cooling and heating your home environment, it will be best to choose the reverse cycle air conditioning. However, before you jump to purchase it, you should be aware of how it works.

  • Since the performance of the air condition based on the heat pump principle, a fan installed in the system draws the hot air from the household through a cold liquid. Thus, the heat is absorbed and then the airflows back again inside the home.
  • The cold liquid or refrigerant evaporates as well as flows through a compressor to create high temperature gas that is pumped out from your home though heat exchanger.
  • Now the refrigerant passes through an extension device that allows the pressure to get lower and thus room temperature decreases.
  • As the name suggests, the reverse cycle air condition has the capacity to reverse the entire process so that you can use it for cooling as well as heating of your home.

Choosing a System

While installing a brand new ducted system for your existing house, you must consider certain points regarding the structure, inside and outside of your home.

  • Consider the floor planning of your home and the number of levels in there. You should also make out the dimension and direction of the rooms.
  • Measure the size and orientation of the doors and windows.
  • Whether you house is full brick or weatherboard made- think about its type of construction.
  • You need to consider the insulation level.
  • Try to install the air conditioning system in the major areas such as sleeping, living, cooking etc.
  • Moreover, try to install the split air conditioning compressor in such an outdoor place where producing noise will not create any problem for the neighbors.

Features of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

While shopping for reverse cycle AC, you may come across wide range of options. However, it is based on your requirements and preference you need to make the purchase.

  • Vent - You may choose installing it in the ceiling or walls.
  • Controls - You may get single controller for entire central system; however, for larger area you can opt for multiple controllers from different parts of the house.
  • Sensors - In order to keep the temperature within a specific range, you should consider using sensors.
  • Duct and Cover - You must choose the thermally efficient duct for effective cooling and heating. Always check the duct level to choose the right quality.


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  1. Levi Armstrong

    Thanks for suggesting that I install a reverse cycle air conditioning unit in my home so I can have the necessary appliance to cool and heat my home at the same time. We recently moved to a new home last week, and we still haven’t hired an AC installation service because my wife and I couldn’t agree on what AC system to install. I share your tip with her because I think she would like the idea of having a reverse cycle AC unit installed in our new home. Thanks!

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