Choosing A Commercial Refrigerator Repair Contractor

refrigerator repairThe majority of residential refrigerators can be repaired relatively easily by a handyman or a homeowner. Home units are relatively simple and with only several tools most parts can be replaced with relative ease. Commercial refrigeration units are quite a bit more complex, and require very skilled technicians to diagnose and repair. This is particularly true for large supermarkets and food service establishments that have very large refrigeration requirements.

When looking for a contractor to service large refrigeration units, you need to find someone that has a group of experienced and skilled technicians. Of course, you should check their references and look for reviews on the internet regarding their work. One of the best things you can do is to speak with the managers of other establishments who use their services.

Even though it is imperative that you have a professional refrigeration contractor to maintain and service your units, there are still things that owners and managers should be cognizant of on repairing and maintaining their refrigeration units.

Troubleshooting Commercial Refrigeration Units

If your refrigerator is not achieving the temperature you have set it to, there are several possible causes. Many times, the door on the unit is not sealing properly, allowing cool air to escape and making the unit warmer or causing the compressor and fans to work extremely hard causing the unit to freeze up. Ensure that the door of the unit is closed completely and that there are no air leaks. If there is a wide fluctuation in the temperature or the unit has difficulty reaching the temperature it is set to, there may be a problem with vents or a condenser coil that is blocked. Ensure that any obstructions are removed and that the air flow to the unit is unobstructed.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Every commercial refrigeration unit will be supplied with a detailed owner’s manual that will describe all periodic maintenance that should be performed and explain minor repairs.

The manual should be accessible and references made to it when problems occur and when the unit is functioning properly, so you can ensure that periodic maintenance is performed on schedule. Most manufacturers will also maintain an internet copy of their manuals, in case you misplace your own hard copy. It is likely that there will also be a detailed guide for troubleshooting the most common issues that may arise. Follow the steps denoted in the troubleshooting guide and report the results to your trained repair technician.

Call In The Commercial Refrigeration Repair Experts

In most commercial industries and restaurants, time is very valuable. It is likely that very large quantities of food need to be maintained at an appropriate temperature, or the business may come to a standstill. If your troubleshooting fails to rectify the situation, it is time to call in your commercial refrigeration repair technician. Most of the refrigeration units that are purchased by restaurants or other commercial industries will have a trained contractor with familiarity with that particular brand. The unit may have a sticker on it that has the name and contact information of the authorized repair contractor. If this information is not easily accessible, then consult the owner’s manual for the contact information of the distributor or manufacturer. They will be able to provide you with rapid access to a trained commercial refrigeration repair contractor that is knowledgeable regarding the brand of the unit you own.

A functioning commercial refrigeration unit is of the utmost importance to any establishment that sells food. When it malfunctions, the losses can be huge in terms of food that is spoiled and business that is lost. If any signs of a problem crop up with your commercial refrigeration unit, you should start troubleshooting the problem immediately and call in a commercial refrigeration repair expert to assist you. A delay may end up costing considerably more in the very near future.

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