Buyers Guide to Home Security Cameras

etgetgetwrThere is no longer a need to sign a contract for home security subscription services since today’s technology has made setting up security cameras easier than ever before. This means that you can watch over your property from the convenience and safety of any area you choose while providing a great deterrent to thievery and unwanted entry.

If you want to set up your own protection, it is important to know the types of security cams that are out there since there are a variety to choose from. You also have to do to determine your needs which all depends on your living situation.

Types of Security Cams

When it comes to the type of camera and security system you want, you should get the best one possible that fits your needs and also stays within your security budget. The first thing you will have to determine is whether you want an IP security camera or a smart-home-style one.

IP Security Webcams

IP (Internet Protocol) security webcams are typically your old-school type of security camera which was around before smart-home-style cameras were introduced to the market. These models look more like ordinary webcams than true security cams. They do have some security features such as a live feed and some come with motion and sound alerts, but they do not always provide a complete security solution.

These types of cameras are also not simple to use and often come with confusing web interfaces that may be difficult to understand if you are not tech-savvy. In addition, some models will not alert you when there is a potential security issue such as a burglar entering your home because they do not come with motion sensors like other advanced models. This is a major drawback with these types of cameras.

Some webcam-style models like Nest Cam Indoor and Piper NV do have a live feed on your phone and other customizable features, so if you go for these types of cameras, just be aware that you will have to do the monitoring yourself. There is no professional monitoring service to alert you if there is an intruder in your house.

Smart-Home-Style Cameras

A majority of security cams today operate using your home’s Wi-Fi network while others are able to connect to a cellular network which is currently only limited to AT&T and Verizon. These cameras also use different power sources to include a plug-in adapter while there are others that use rechargeable batteries. You will have to decide which type of camera is better for your needs based on connectivity and power source.


Most security cams today also allow access through Android or iOS devices. The app interface is very important because this is the main point of access to your camera and they come with a variety of basic features to include:

Two-way talk using a built-in microphone and speaker; you can startle an intruder

Sound alerts

Motion alerts

Night vision

It is a good idea to make sure you get a security cam that offers this app feature because as long as you are connected to the Internet you will have access to a live feed anywhere you go, wherever you want.

Other Considerations

Here are some of the key points you should consider before choosing the right security camera for your home:

Storage and subscriptions

Field of view


Advanced features (voice control, smart hub, cloud storage, etc.)


Determine What is Right for You

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to home security cams and you will have to determine for yourself which brand and model provides the best protection for you and your home. As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right home security camera, so make sure that you do enough research and get the right help to guide you to find the perfect one.


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