8 Appliances You Can Cook Oven Meals In

oven mealsYou get hungry for home-cooked meal, but the South Kensington professional oven cleaners are still working on your stove. Don't rush to the store or the fast food. Here are some interesting ways to prepare food at home in a fun and unconventional way.


Microwave cooked meals are all around us. All you need is simple recipes and a few ingredients, and in several minutes, you will have your dinner ready. Check out some vegetarian recipes what you can cook today in just a few minutes. Cooking technique: steaming, boiling, heating up pre-prepared food, defrosting. Ingredients: water, instant beverages, vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese, simple dough mixtures (sweet or salty), meat cut to small pieces, fish, pre-cooked meals. Cooking result: hot water, instant or boiled beverages, stew, soups, sandwiches, steamed vegetables, boiled eggs, easy pastry (sweet or salty), boiled or steamed meat.


Waffle iron

There is always something new taste to try that has your favourite waffle shape. You can also try your favourite cake recipes and share the spoils with your friends. Cooking technique: baking, toasting, grilling Ingredients: vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese, simple dough mixtures (sweet or salty), meat cut to small pieces, fish, bacon, pre-cooked meals. Cooking result: waffles (sweet or salty) and sandwiches with topping or stuffing of your choice, grilled vegetables, grilled bacon and meat.



If you run out of ideas for morning healthy meal for the kids, you can always return to the simple toast. You can place your toast sideways and insert the sandwich you wish to grill. Cooking technique: grilling, toasting, warming up food. Ingredients: bread, cheese, pre-cooked meat, fresh or cooked vegetables, cooked food. Cooking result: toasted bread and sandwiches with topping of your choice, warmed pizza.



What better way to save electricity and water than cooking while washing dishes. Here are some ideas for you. Cooking technique: steaming, boiling, products cooked in vacuum closed containers and then placed in the dishwasher. Ingredients: fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, cheese, simple recipes. Cooking result: steamed fish, meat and vegetables, boiled eggs, lasagna.


Electric kettle

Everyone knows that kettles provide hot water for your grandmother's tea. Now see what else you can cook in them. Cooking technique: boiling, defrosting, warming up. Ingredients: water, instant noodles (ramen), pre-cooked meal, instant soups, vegetables (blanched or fresh), instant drinks (coffee, tea, bullions), milk. Cooking result: soups, stews, warm drinks (coffee, tea, bullion, milk).



No doubt you have used your blender many times so far. Read on some ideas for soup recipes and get busy cooking. Cooking technique: chilling, warming up, cutting, mixing ready ingredients. Ingredients: water, pre-cooked meal, ready to use soup, vegetables (blanched or fresh), fruits, instant drinks (coffee, tea, bullions), milk, cheese. Cooking result: hot or cold cream soups, sauces and bread spread toppings, vegetable or fruit smoothies and juices, coffee, tea, bullion, milk, ice-cream.



That's right. If there is not a single other option you can use your iron to cook. First and most important is to secure the iron in one place and then to turn it on. Use iron or steel plates or cook right on the surface of the iron. Use tongues with plastic or wooden handles. Cooking technique: frying, baking, grilling, toasting, warming up pre-cooked food, boiling (place the metal container on top of the iron). Ingredients: bread, cooked meat, bacon, raw meat on thin slices, fish, vegetables and fruits, pre-cooked food (like pizza), drinks (coffee, tea, bullions, milk). Cooking result: toasted bread, warm drinks, cooked meat or bacon, heated up pre-cooked food, grilled vegetables and fruits. ADVICE: Try this type of cooking only when you are sure you can afford to buy another iron.


Hair straighteners

This cooking will take a long time. If you intend to try it, then use a brand new hair press (to avoid hair in the food). Cooking technique: frying, toasting, warming up pre-cooked food. Ingredients: bread, cooked meat, bacon, raw meat on thin slices, vegetables and fruits, pre-cooked food (like pizza). Cooking result: toasted bread, warmed meat or bacon, heated up pre-cooked food, grilled vegetables and fruits.


At this point the oven cleaning service should be over and the team had moved to another South Kensington client. Now you can choose to stick to tradition and cook in your sparkly cleaned oven, or surprise your family with a new cooking experience.


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