7 Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

With global temperatures on the rise continuously, summer months are becoming more and more unbearable each year. The brunt of this one ends up witnessing when the monthly electricity bill arrives – and you end up paying an exorbitant price. Unfortunately, there are certain mistakes that we end up making with our air-conditioning systems in terms of things such as air-conditioning maintenance, etc. that might reduce their efficiency as well as efficacy which then goes on to result in heightened bills as well.

So let’s take look at 7 mistakes that you are making the air conditioner that you should avoid:

1) Neglecting Your AC Filters: As a general rule, you need to change the filters of your central air-conditioning unit at least once in every three months, if not once a month. If the air filters are dirty, it might end up leading to problems in airflow and also freezing up the evaporator coil of your AC that eventually might cause you problems resulting in air-conditioning system repair. Apart from this, looking at the monitory aspect, dirty air filters can easily end up enhancing your electricity bills anywhere between 5 to 15% and also cut down the lifespan of your AC. Hence, make sure that you change the filters of your central AC unit regularly, and in case of split – ACs clean the filter out regularly.

2) Not Getting Your AC Serviced Annually: Air conditioning maintenance is a really important aspect that you should never ignore. Even if you feel like there seems to be no trouble with your AC unit, having it looked at professionally is always the best option. Before the summer season begins, it is best to get routine maintenance of your AC done, so that your summers are spent peacefully.

3) Not Utilizing Your Fans: There is a pervading misconception that you should not be using your fans with your AC unit, this is false! Using your fans along with your AC system can help in circulating the cooled down air throughout the room, and lighten the burden on your AC – thus, reducing the chances of needing an air conditioning system repair.

4) Poorly Positioned Thermostat or Vents: If your air conditioning unit is placed near an area that gets direct sunlight, then chances are that it might affect its readings, which would end up making it work even harder unnecessarily. The same thing happens if your furnishings are blocking the circulation of air. You need to ensure that your vents have no hindrances in their way, in order for the AC to work properly.

5) No Curtains: Direct sunshine is your AC’s enemy and if you are a household that does not like curtains or blinds then you might end up having to deal with air conditioning system repair more often than usual. Hence, make sure that you shield your AC from sunshine and the associated heat.

6) Too Low Thermostat Temperature: Even though our bodies can acclimatise to temperature changes quite easily (in about a week or two), we do not end up utilising this fact. If you look at it in monetary terms, ever single degree that you increase in your thermostat can end up reducing your bill by almost 3% so it is best that you adjust your thermostat temperature to a more normal reading as opposed to making it too cold.

7) Cooling Vacant Rooms: When it comes to having central air conditioning, if the vents are open in all the rooms, then even the rooms that are not being used are eating up your cool air, which means that the rooms that actually need the cool air regularly might not have enough. Hence, the best way to tackle this is to check up on each and every room and make sure that the ones that are not in use are the ones whose vents are closed. Apart from this, you should also check up on furniture like closets, etc. so that the spaces as well are not eating up the extra share of cold air. The unnecessary burden on your air-conditioning unit causes wear and tear early which means that you would end up needing air-conditioning system repair much earlier than is actually needed.

Thus, these are some of the most common mistakes that people end up making which does not let the air-conditioning units function in optimum condition. No one wants to be paying unnecessary electricity bills – if you take care of these things and make sure that you do not keep on making them, you can cut down on your electricity bill considerably as well as prolong the life of your AC unit. So go ahead and make these small changes in how you use your AC unit, you will be glad that you did.

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