6 Fun And Interesting Facts About Boilers

As in case with other appliances in the home, we tend to create a lot of myths about a lot of devices. The same myth is being regulated regarding the boilers. People think that boilers are such devices which create tremendous noise when it kicks in. many people have an older image of boilers.

Other than having self contained thoughts, you can have a look at these fun facts about boilers that would bring laughter on your face.

The high temperature of your thermostat won’t warm up quickly

This is one of the most common misconceptions of people. Most of the people believe that turning up the thermostat to the highest temperature will heat up the home quickly. Turning your thermostat to a higher setting will heat your home sooner is the myth that is being circulated for many years. The reason behind this is expected to be that the high temperature of the thermostat will cause it to work harder and in a much faster way. This myth isn’t true!

Even if you set your thermostat to the highest temperature, the speed will always remain constant. The actual fact behind this is, the thermostat heating your house depends upon the size of the boiler and radiators. If you turn up the heating, it won’t increase its capacity. In this case, if you turn on your heating system to the highest temperature than needed, you may end up wasting your power. The problem you might face doing this would be to open up windows to let the cool air come because of the excessive heat. This habit will surely increase the electricity bill.

No! The boilers don’t add any humidity to the air

A lot of people believe in the fact that boilers add water to the air. This myth is just not true! The radiant heating is self contained, hence the boilers are not responsible for creating humidity. There is no such place where the vapor escapes from the system which might create the humidity. This heat, provided by the boilers, is dry enough not to produce any type of humidified air. You can compare the heating system just like an electric or oil burning system. They won’t produce any kind of water in the air.

Turning down thermostat can save heating bills

One of the popular myths amongst heating system is, we can save 10% of electricity bills by turning down our thermostat by 1°. This fact is actually true. You can save around 75 pounds on your bill by using this method. You can also create less carbon by reducing it to 310 kgs. This is easy to understand as you are heating up your home less because you are using less of your thermostat which is ultimately saving you some money.

If you think that this method is making your house a bit too cold than you like, you can out on your jumpers to make yourself a little bit warmer. Make sure that all your doors are shut and windows are tightly closed.

Modern boilers produce much greener energy

Today’s boilers (contemporary natural gas fueled boilers) are all equipped with sealed system that doesn’t let the vapor emit out from the vents or flue. Hence, there are no possibilities of toxins escaping from the unit and spreading poisonous gas into the air. When the boilers don’t work properly and produce carbon dioxide, it tends to burn more of yellowish or orange type flame. At this time, it is a clear cut signal that your burning unit is faulty and needs a quick action. By the time, turn it off and call a local boiler engineer near you to handle the case. We consideriHeata great place to start gathering information and looking for guidance.

Leaving on will consume more power than turning on and off

This myth is very popular and is not abide by only central heating system. If you leave your central heating system on for the whole day, you might be having two issues. No.1 is, you will waste your energy and 2 it will make your home at an uncontrollable temperature. Hence, following this method is a completely bad idea!

Instead of following this method, you can set the temperature of your heating system which will shut by itself when reached at the required temperature. Use a timer to set the temperature if you want your home to prewarm. Pre-warming is required especially when you are out and want your home to be warmer when you return. Such technique would definitely achieve your wish of keeping yourself warm during extreme weathers.

Modern boilers are much easy to maintain

Insulation will help you in reducing your electricity bills. That’s why you need a proper heating control system. You can search for companies that will install free loft insulation in your home. It will help to retain the heat in your home without pushing it out from the main body. This way you can warm the house in the best possible way without any worries. Turning on the boiler is comparatively easy as turning the entire system. Radiant heating can actually convert your way of living from dismissing stinky oil fumes or huge energy bills.


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