6 Exceptional Benefits of a Multi-Sided Fireplace

FireplaceA fireplace is the focal point of the house. A warm and crackling fire is quite inviting and brings a charming glow and warmth to the room.

With time, fireplaces have evolved massively. There are a number of options available that are convenient and updated, but still uphold the traditional charm of a fireplace. One such example is the multi-sided fireplace.

Multi-sided fireplaces are positioned in ways that can warm more than one room. For example, a double-sided fireplace is installed in a wall that separates two rooms. In other words, they have more than one opening. A multi-sided fireplace can enhance your house a great deal.

Planning to install one in your house? Following are the exceptional benefits of a multi-sided fireplace that you should know about.

A Good View

A multi-sided fireplace is usually open on more than one side. This means that, with a multi-sided fireplace installed, all the rooms involved will have good view of the fire. Also, all rooms can be equally heated. This also adds coziness to all the rooms involved.

A fireplace that is open on more than one side allows more warmth, space and light in the rooms. It ties all these spaces together. This is a very smart way of designing a fireplace. If it is designed carefully, the space will look uncluttered and stylish. For example, a see-through firebox can add a charming visual to the rooms.

Fuel Choices

You can use both, wood and gas as fuels for multi-sided fireplaces. While a wood-burning fireplace has its own charm, a gas fireplace is quite a convenient choice. If you prefer the sight of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you can choose from among a variety of designs to find the one that matches the theme of your house. Multi-sided, gas fireplaces are also available in a variety of designs to suit your preferences.

Each of the options has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to understand the requirements of your house and choose wisely.

Easy Venting Options

Venting a multi-sided fireplace does not require any more work than a traditional fireplace does.

If you plan on installing a wood-burning, multi-sided fireplace, you would need to include a well-built chimney to drive the harmful gas, smokes and fumes from the fire, away from the firebox. It is highly crucial to maintain this chimney properly and get it cleaned.

That being said, a multi-sided fireplace that uses gas as a fuel does not require much venting. Owing to this and the other benefits of a gas fireplace, many homeowners find it more convenient to equip their homes with this option.

An Exceptional Room Divider

For houses with large rooms, it becomes a little difficult to separate the spaces properly. While tall furniture placed strategically can be of help, a multi-sided fireplace can be an exceptional solution. It maintains the consistency between the spaces efficiently and also, effectively indicates where one area ends and where the other begins.

For example, if you want to divide a room in a living space a modular kitchen, installing a double-sided fireplace will be a great idea. You can consider using different wall textures on both sides of the divider to make the separation of the spaces more evident.

Save Money

If you are using a multi-sided fireplace, you will be saving a lot of money. Wondering how?

Usually, homeowners turn on the central heating for their heating requirements, even if it is to heat a couple of rooms only. However, with a multi-sided fireplace, you would not require turning on the central heating. This will help you save money on the heating cost of your house.

Adds Value to the House

Apart from saving money and space, a well-maintained multi-sided fireplace also increases the value of a house by a great deal. It makes the house more comfortable and attractive. It easily attracts buyers and greatly improves the selling cost of your house.

These benefits make the multi-sided fireplace a very attractive option for many homes. That being said, it is important to use the right accessories for optimum safety and keep the fireplace clean and adequately maintained to ensure that it is worthy of the investment.

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