5 Washing Machine Hacks that Will Save you Time and Money

The humble washing machines has slowly but surely changed our lives for the better. Their invention saved us from the menial and laborious task of hand washing our clothes. From washing boards to circuit boards, the latest crop of washing machines are more powerful than ever. It turns out that brains are sometimes more important than brawn and these new wonders have brains in spades. Want to be blown away even more? As far as these life savers have come, there are still a few things that you can do to help save time and money:

Go big

Save money by going bigger? By only doing fewer but fuller loads you will be reducing your weekly washes considerably. A big capacity washing machine like this Haier 12kg top load will make light work of a large load and is designed with a higher torque motor than a smaller unit. Less loads equals less energy consumed and less time loading and unloading your machine.

Use the modes

Most good quality washing machines have pre-set modes of washing, with ability to customise and save a mode in some cases. There is a reason these modes have been built into the machine, to save your time and energy. The machines settings such as water level, spin speed and water temperature are all calibrated to achieve a purpose making specific washes more economical, which in turns saves you money.

Cool it

Washing machines use a whole lot more power when you run a hot cycle. Most stains actually respond better to cold water and the chemicals in your detergent don’t need to be hot to do their job. Fluids like blood will be massaged out by cold water but set in and cause a permanent stain if too much heat is applied. Certain fabrics can wrinkle in the heat too, making the hot cycle a rare treat for your washing machine. Predominantly use the cold cycle on your machine and you will start to see a lovely decrease in your power bill.

Pre soak

This is not strictly a tip for operating your washing machine, it is a handy laundry tip that could save you a lot of time. Whilst most modern machines make light work of dirt, some stains are very difficult to remove. Instead of wasting precious energy on multiple washes, try pre-soaking heavily soiled laundry first. Soaking the laundry helps soften particles of grime and dirt, when used in conjunction with a cycle in the washing machine, you might see your clothes the cleanest they have ever looked!

The right time

Did you know you are charged more for your power consumption at certain points in the day? Energy companies charge more for power at times when it is in demand. This is usually at times when families are at their busiest. Peak times are usually 2pm to 8pm with shoulder rates applied from 7am to 2pm. If you can manage to wash from 10pm to 7am you could get significant savings on your energy bill.

We are surrounded by the marvels of technology. Some of the most beneficial pieces of modern convenience slip into the background and are often overlooked. The modern washing machine can effectively tackle any bit of laundry you cram into it, and with prebuilt modes this task is even easier, taking the guess work away from washing exotic fabrics. By employing some small changes to the way you use your washing machine you could save money and have even more free time to do the things you love. Check out wide range of washing machine at Domayne and start utilising these cool features mentioned above!

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