5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Juicer

fwrfrwqfqrBuying a juicer can definitely be a great decision, and it’s one that can go a long way towards improving your health by making it much easier to get the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. However, the decision of which juicer to buy is an incredibly important one, as choosing the right model for your needs will go a long way towards ensuring that you actually use it. For this reason, here are five tips to consider that should hopefully allow you to choose the right juicer for your specific needs.

Juicing Fruits vs. Vegetables

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is what you plan on juicing. While fruit juice undoubtedly tastes much better to most people, the problem is that most fruit juice is quite high in calories. These calories can begin to pile up quickly if you’re not careful, which is why most dieticians recommend juicing mostly vegetables and then just tossing in an apple, orange or kiwi to give it a sweeter, more palatable taste.

Size and Style are Sure to Be Important

When you start looking at juicers, the first thing you’ll immediately notice is that they seem to come in thousands of different shapes, sizes and styles. Therefore, you’ll want to think closely about what you plan on juicing, how often you plan on using it and how much juice you’ll typically be making at one time.

Some juicers work excellently with oranges, apples and other fruits, but tend to perform poorly with more fibrous vegetables. In terms of size, you’ll need to consider two factors. First is how much counter space you have available. If you plan on using the juicer every day, you’ll either need to have enough counter space to store it or choose a smaller one that can easily be tucked away in a cabinet.

The other factor is how much juice you want to make at a time. You’ll only ever want to make as much as you can drink in a day. However, if you plan on making healthy juices for your family, you’ll obviously need something a bit bigger than one of the popular bullet-style juicers.

Think Closely About Clean-Up

Some juicers are notoriously difficult to clean. This might not be much of a problem if you only plan on using it occasionally, but you definitely won’t want to spend 10 to 20 minutes a day scrubbing away to keep your juicer clean. Therefore, it’s always important to read juicer reviews, paying close attention to how easy or difficult each model is to clean.

Decide On Your Budget

You can get a decent quality juicer for under $50, but you can also find high-tech top-of-the-line models that costs upwards of $1,500. If money is no obstacle, you’ll obviously find that the high-priced models provide far better performance. However, for most people, it’s about trying to strike a balance between affordability and functionality.

No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find at least a decent model that suits your needs. Still, you’ll want to do some research to ensure that this is actually the case.

Do You Care About the Quality of Your Juice?

Not all juicers are made equal. Any juicer will make it easier to get those important vitamins and minerals, but not all juicers produce the same quality of juice.

Centrifugal-style juicers are great because they are quick to use and generally fairly easy to clean. However, they also produce a small amount of heat and friction, which causes the juice to begin oxidizing immediately. For this reason, the juice made using a centrifugal juicer should always be drunk immediately.

Most of these centrifugal juicers also tend to leave more of the pulp untouched, which means that they tend to waste quite a bit of potential juice. Masticating and triturating juicers tend to produce higher quality juice, but the problem is that the gears used in these juicers also take much longer to clean. Not only that, but they will generally take a longer time to juice the same amount of fruit.

Therefore, a centrifugal juicer is usually a good choice if time and convenience are most important, whereas the ‘cold press’ juicers are best for those more concerned with the quality of their juice.

As you can see, choosing the best juicer isn’t always a simple task. Nonetheless, if you remember to keep these factors in mind when shopping, you should be able to find a model that meets you and your family’s juicing needs.


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