5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Ring Video Doorbell

video doorbellSecurity measures are changing every day. Tracking the burglars was a task at one point of time. But not anymore. The days of wired security systems are over and now is the time to use Ring video doorbell. Why invest in it? Well, for starters, you won't have to go up to the door to find out who it is. And when you are not around, you can check who's there.

From an app to show you who is ringing as you clean your backyard to finding out who's knocking at your door while you are on a vacation makes video doorbells a great choice. Nothing secures the home better. And these bells now come with advanced options too.

But that's not it, there are many other reasons why you must get a video doorbell today.

Night Vision at Its Best

So basically, they use infrared cameras these days which is the most interesting system in the market right now. So wireless video doorbells are enabled with infrared techniques. This system allows the camera to capture images in dim light. And these are quite hi-res. You don’t have to worry about night vision at all.

Even if you have a burglar at night or are not at home and want to know what's happening, this facility makes the job a whole lot easy for you.

Light It Up For Security

You can simply integrate Ring doorbell with your lights and make your home security better. These bells come with light sensitive systems that can trigger any part of your lighting system when an intruder enters.

Some set it up with the entryway lighting; others prefer the spotlight one. This is one of the best features of these video bells. So the moment someone enters, you can get alarmed on your phone with a video and lights on. This helps you spot the burglar too. Since burglars prefer dark areas to steal, a video doorbell will not only show you where they are but also turn on the lights when necessary. These are also energy-saving options. Your lights switch on only when it is required.

A Great Versatile Option

These are versatile all the way. It doesn't only make your home secure when you are away but also when you are at home. Set up everything from text alerts to blinking lights that announce when you have visitors. This gives the noisy doorbell chime a miss. Today, you get doorbell options that help you connect with your Android and iOS systems too. This is to say that no matter which phone you are using, the feeds will be s clear and convenient.

This makes video doorbells a great option. People around the world are using their phones to manage the security at their place.

Live Browsing

One of the main advantages of ring video doorbells is the live browsing feature. It brings you live feed from the set up where it's placed. This is one of its main features. This system makes you find out who is standing at the door or moving about the house while it's happening. You have a handset to see the person standing outside the door. These come with camera installed in the doorbell too which is also recording the video at all times. And then it is transferred to the handset, and you can secure yourself from any possible danger easily.

Live browsing systems work great for offices too. At home, especially when you leave your kids with the nanny or have a work profile that requires stepping out frequently, you can access this even if you didn’t look at the live feed.

Technically Sound Security Systems

There's no way these security set-ups go wrong. You have all the good things in one. This 2-way intercom and a big range for capturing live videos. These can also be stored at a distance away from the main scene. Also, you can install easily this system yourself. And they are quite easy to install.

These cameras come with technologies that wirelessly send images to your phone the minute someone knocks at the door. These set-ups come with impressive image ranges that make the investment worth it.

When you want secure homes, Ring wi-fi enabled video doorbell is the best way to go about it.

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