19 Creative Household Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

There is nothing more annoying and boring than the inconveniences in living conditions and difficulties that involves the maintenance of the home. Therefore, people always dream about a tidy and clean house, more living space, more cabinets, better organisation of the household, more participants in the sanitation and in the arrangement, and … the mandatory requirement for all these extras – higher incomes. How to increase the revenues in the family budget, alas, we can not say. But we can show you how, thanks to the tireless human inventiveness and ingenuity, you can make your life easier with several devices. Their purchase is profitable and will not unreasonably increase your costs.

1. Shovel With Plug-in For Skimming The Impurities, Entangled in The Broom

In order not to mess your hands and not to spread the same pieces of fluff and hair around the house, simply use this broom and shovel.

Shovel With Plug-in

2. Never Flooded Dish Dryer Rack

Conceived and designed in a way that the water from the wet vessels can drain directly into the sink.

3. Detectors of Keys And Phone

The phone and the keys are connected to a common transmitter. As soon as you go away (on a certain distance) without them, the transmitter will start to alert by an audible signal.

4. Cutting Board With Measuring Table

In the recipe, it’s sometimes said: cut into small pieces (with a length of half a centimetre). With this board, this task will be as easy as child’s play.

Cutting Board

5. Compact Humidifier

If you do not want or do not have a place in your home for the standard big moisturisers (but at the same time do not want to wake up every night with a dry throat), this device will make your life a song.

Compact Humidifier

6. Between-the-Sheets Fan

In the hot nights, when the covers make you spend gallons of sweat and turn the night into a sleepless one, specially designed linen cooling fan comes to aid.

7. Divider Pan

Do you want to fry separately two components of the menu that you will serve? But this task will cost you so much time and energy! Here are “your first friend in cooking” – the “two-seater” pan!

Divider Pan

8. 3 in 1 Breakfast Station

Does your breakfast usually include toast, fried eggs and coffee? But the needed appliances for preparing them to take all the place on your kitchen countertops? Here’s the solution!

3 in 1 Breakfast Station

9. Magnetic Light Switch Cover

The place for your keys, which is always nearby.

10. Laser Guided Scissors

Scissors for an impeccable adherence to the ideal line. Mandatory for pedants and perfectionists!

11. Spice Racks

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to have all the spices at arm’s length, without having to dig and search for hours? Just look at this creation – rotatable stand for two dozen jars of spices. Everything is in front of your eyes!

Spice Rack

12. Steak Station

You don’t have to guess anymore if your chops are baked in the way you want. Just watch for the temperature inside the steak, adjust the sensor to the desired degree of roasting and become тхе king of the grill!

13. Folding Bench

You can use it when you want, and you can store it behind the neck.

14. Boil Over Safeguard

You no longer need to stand over the stove to not miss the moment of boiling. This lid prevents all pans and pots from messy spillovers.

Boil Over Safeguard

15. Cutting Board Scale

Always the right amount!

16. Sit-to-Walkstation Treadmill Desk

Who says that convenience is a privilege only at home? Here’s how to change completely the time you spend at the workplace by combining physical and mental activity without even leaving your desk!

17. Cake Server and Slicer

Every housewife is painfully aware of all the difficulties in front of her every time she tried to cut a cake on absolutely identical pieces. But if she has such an assistant in this complex surgical procedure, there is no need to worry!

Cake Server and Slicer

18. Encanal Carving Board

Another “well-known irritant” – the point at which you try to pour the chopped fruits or vegetables into a particular kitchen vessel and half of them scatter into the most inaccessible corners of your kitchen.

Encanal Carving Board

19. Egg Cracker And Separator

When Rudolph, Jamie, Ramsey or Lorraine do it seemed so easy … And when you have to do it, you want to break the next egg on your forehead! Don’t worry – let the masters do it with one hand or with the power of thoughts. You have this widget! Abracadabra!

Egg Cracker And Separator

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