Why Is The Feeling Of Exhaustion So Common In This Modern Day?

Stressed at workWith the fast pace of modern life, we can all feel exhausted as we try to juggle work and careers with our families and home as well as the stresses of everyday life. But for some, this exhaustion can have a serious impact and lead to long-term chronic fatigue as well as potential physical and emotional burnout.

So just why is this feeling of exhaustion so common today? We explore the lifestyle factors that can contribute to modern day fatigue.

Tired all the time?

If you have spoken to your GP about your fatigue and they have ruled out any underlying medical cause, then taking a look at your lifestyle may give you some clues as to why you are feeling so tired. These can include:

Your diet

A poor diet can contribute to your feelings of exhaustion if you are not getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for your energy and health. Today’s fast food and processed diets can be sugar, carb and fat heavy which may give you a short-term energy hit, but then leads to an energy slump and leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

If your diet is deficient in certain key nutrients then you can find yourself with low energy and feeling exhausted. Lack of the mineral iron, which supports the body’s energy supplies, can lead to fatigue due to a condition called anaemia, so adding an iron supplement on top of a healthy, balanced diet can tackle those feelings of tiredness.

Your sleeping patterns

Poor or insufficient sleep can seriously affect your energy levels, leaving you feeling unrested and tired, even after eight hours’ sleep. The key to feeling rested and energised after a good night’s sleep is to adopt good sleep hygiene, work to your body’s natural clock and have a regular night-time routine.

To do this try to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at a consistent time, consciously spend time unwinding and preparing for bed and creating a restful, comfortable bedroom environment. And avoid alcohol or caffeine before bed, as these can both be stimulants and interrupt your natural sleep pattern.

Tackling any feelings of stress and anxiety through relaxation and meditation can also help you to unwind and calm your mind, so you are ready to switch off and enjoy a restful and re-energizing night’s sleep.

Lack of physical activity

Modern life has seen a rise of the sedentary lifestyle with long workdays and busy home lives leaving little time for exercise. And feelings of exhaustion can often lead you to the sofa rather than the gym, so it can become a bit of a vicious circle. But, finding the motivation to get moving can work wonders for your energy levels as well as your physical and mental health.

So, if you are struggling with fatigue, try to work some regular exercise into your routine, even if it’s a 10-minute walk with the dog each morning before work. As taking the step to work some activity and exercise into your life can be the first step towards tackling exhaustion and getting your get up and go back.

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