What Are the Most Common Vehicle Accident Injuries?

Driving is filled with danger and injury and/or death could happen at any time. In 2016, there were over 37,000 deaths on the roads of the US. And many more people suffered minor injuries and major injuries.

You could be entitled to compensation for a variety of reasons, even if your injuries were relatively minor.

But before you can start to think about what you may be entitled to, it’s time to look at what the most common vehicle accident injuries are.


Perhaps the most common injury of all is whiplash. The main information we have about whiplash is that it’s caused when there’s sudden extension or flexion in the neck. It’s a type of soft tissue injury that can come with a variety of symptoms.

The problem is that doctors can only diagnose it based on the information they give them. There are no specific tests for it.

The main way whiplash occurs is a car coming to a sudden stop and the head snapping back, hence the name ‘whiplash’. Naturally, this is common in motor vehicle accidents.

Cuts and Lacerations

When pieces of a car come off they have the potential to cut and slice through soft tissue. Thankfully, most of these scenarios require no hospitalization and heal within a matter of weeks.

But sometimes cuts can lead to significant blood loss, and even death. Remember that there’s always the risk of infection. This is especially true if you happen to be driving an older car where the metal may have elements of rust.

These lacerations should always be examined by a medical professional at the scene because they could still entitle you to compensation.

Head Injuries

The most common type of head injury is caused by the head either hitting the side of a side window or the steering wheel. These are more serious as you could be suffering from a concussion or other traumatic brain injuries.

And the symptoms of head injuries may not appear until a few weeks after the accident. That’s why you must seek immediate medical attention to check for these injuries.

There may be damage you don’t yet see and forgoing medical treatment could lead to permanent problems further down the line.

They’re a significant contributor to the $150 billion lifetime economic cost of motor vehicle accidents in this country.

Chest Injuries

Another common type of injury is the chest injury. These are nearly always experienced by the driver because of their position behind the steering wheel.

Broken ribs and contusions are the most common types of chest injury experienced in a motor vehicle accident. Remember that the chest cavity is protecting your vital organs from harm.

And it’s not always obvious that there’s any serious damage caused at the time.

These may be superficial wounds that heal within a few weeks. In some cases, they could hide a more sinister problem, such as internal bleeding.

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Make sure you have the right legal professional on your side if you’ve recently suffered an injury because of a motor vehicle accident.

These incidents are serious, and you may be entitled to financial recompense for medical bills, emotional distress, and your ongoing care.

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