What Are 3 Ply Face Masks Made From?

With the new wave of Covid-19 restrictions, the need for masks has become a necessity when leaving your home for shopping and even heading into work. However, with the sheer number of people purchasing facemasks, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. In this article, we will be providing you with information into what a 3ply facemask is made of.

Different Face Masks That Have Gained In Popularity

As the coronavirus pandemic has continued to spread throughout the UK and other parts of the world, there have been several different face masks that have proved highly popular with many people. Whether you are using a reusable face mask that you can wash again and again, or you are using a facemask that can be disposed of after one use, this can benefit you in the long term.

Understanding The Different Layers

When looking at a 3 ply face mask it is important to understand the layer of protection that you have as a result, by making sure you are aware of the different layers, you can make sure that you have all the right information that you need at this time.

Layer 1: Hydrophobic Non-Woven Layer

The first layer in the 3-ply facemask that you need to be aware of is the non-woven layer, this enables you to have some air pass through the mask. This allows you to breathe with ease without having to take the mask off.

Layer 2: Middle Melt-Brown Layer

This provides you with the layer of protection that you need from moisture and particles in the air. This is adequate to protect you from the Coronavirus as this can prevent particles from going into your mouth and nose. Despite being able to protect you from some forms of particles in the air, this is not a replacement for washing your hands and keeping 2-meter social distancing at this time.

Layer 3: Inner Soft Non-Absorbent Layer

In addition to the melt brown layer, there is also a soft non-absorbent layer. This allows you to wear the mask when out and about without it getting wet and absorbing through into your mouth and nose. This is needed when looking to give yourself the best layer of protection as it will make sure that the mask maintains its shape throughout the course of the day.

Where Can You Purchase These Face Coverings

These masks can be purchased, from several pharmacies and can also be [purchased online and sent to you through the post, allowing you to go out in public feeling completely protected throughout the course of the day. By following a few simple online tests, you can easily determine which masks are three-ply and which are not.

Whether you are currently in the market for new face masks or you are wondering the difference between this and re-useable ones, this can enable you to make sure that you have the perfect face coverings for you whether at work or at home.

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